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The art of making a comeback

Mmmmmmm…….I was wondering if I could call this blog The daily blog of Judy Morris when this is my first blog in ten months. Then I thought, you know what? Yes I can. It´s my blog and I can call … Continue reading

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Oh dear, broken bones

      Oh dear folks, I took another of my all too frequent falls, this time down the stairs. The result is broken bones in my hand, now encased in a cast from my elbow to my fingertips and … Continue reading

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A schedule? I don´t think so.

  Oh dear, I slept in this morning. Last night I was buzzing, wide awake and chatting with friends until 2am, and not thinking at all about how I would feel in the morning. Actually I feel fine, and because I don´t … Continue reading

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The art of complaining about the weather

Still freezing, and still working on my new painting. I´m happy with the progress of my painting and seriously not happy with the weather. This is a big deal for me, I simply do not operate at all well in … Continue reading

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My new painting: “Gracias”.

My new work, “Gracias” Oil on Canvas. This is a large painting, and it seems fitting to paint a work which expresses thanks for the opportunity to experience another year………Hope you enjoy it. Have a good day everyone, Judy xxx

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The easy gas heater, or the hard work wood burner…….

Oh my word, it´s managed to get even colder today. Every year this comes as a surprise to me, lulled as I am into a false sense of security during the long, long hot summer. My hands are still cold, … Continue reading

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My new Painting: The Cave at the Shore

Here is my new art work, and I hope you enjoy it. In this painting I had really wanted to paint how the beach made me feel and not how it looked. I wanted to capture some of the blistering heat, … Continue reading

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Try to paint on rainy days.

Yesterday I took another day off. For no other reason than it was sunny, and it has been raining for days, and I felt like a walk.  I´m so glad I did; it´s raining again today, and thundering too. The … Continue reading

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