How to quilt and make money.

If there is a queen of crafts , then quilting is it! From tiny hand-made cushions, mats and covers to stunning king size bed quilts………everything from the simple to the most difficult, beautiful to look at and a joy to make and own.

And now I have found this! In one stunning package is everything you need to know to turn your love of quilting into a successful money-in-the-bank business. Thousands of these packages have been sold, and I can see why.Click Here! to see what has made this just such a big seller!

Over and over again on this blog I have said that each and every one of us is a creator……..we were born to make and love things of beauty, and now you can turn this into a real business, earning you real money in the real world. As an artist, I know just how wonderful it is to be able to make and sell work that is all your own.

Now, here it is Click Here! without having to spend time and effort discovering what does and does not sell. Without having to spend hours hunting down hints and tips on the internet……..everything you need to get going.

If you ever dreamed of making your living by doing that which you enjoy then the good news is YOU CAN! and its the best feeling in the world. Happy quilting!

10 Responses to Quilting

  1. Anne says:

    Love this – and quitling!

  2. Thank you Anne……I love quilting, but only have time to do it around my art. I´m also passionate about quilters being able to make a good living whilst they are quilting . Its a wonderful craft.
    Judy xxx

    • Anne Eccleston says:

      Hi – the group of us that meet around here wouldnt be able to make a living from it. Its not possible to charge at even €1 per hour for the time it takes us to make a quilt by hand. We just enjoy the giving of quilts. Anne xx Anne Eccleston 07777 641198


  3. Hi Anne, thanks for your comment, and you bring up just the thing I am so passionate about; making a living. Nobody should EVER expect to buy a beautiful handmade quilt costed out at €1 per hour! People need to be educated about the fair price of hand made craft or art. It saddens me when I hear of people underselling themselves just to get a sale…….and it also makes it even more difficult for those of us who do make our living this way. I sell locally and online, and for every sale I complete, I get three people wanting to buy cheap….sometimes even below the cost of production – and that´s not including my time!
    It is indeed possible to make a living quilting, and thousands do, but you do have to accept that it takes as much time marketing and researching your market as it does producing. I spend about half of all my working day on marketing…….mainly because, like you, I do not have an enormous local population.of buyers to rely upon.
    Judy xxx

    • Anne Eccleston says:

      Love your work. Have already asked Santa for a print from one of your paintings! One good thing about doing all the hand quilting it that it keeps my legs warm in these cool evenings…..but ruins fingers! Anne x Anne Eccleston 07777 641198


      • Thank you Anne, and I hope you enjoy your print when it arrives. Love your comment about your quilting keeping your legs warm! It´s such a wonderful craft, hope your fingers don´t suffer too much.
        Judy xxx

  4. Susan says:

    “Making a living” is more like “Living a making” That is to say, thoroughly enjoying living, while making things… You are so right about being creative… it is an instant happiness-maker… (people do not need to go out en shop untill they drop, for instant satifaction and even more so constant dissatisfaction after the buying…and then having to throw out junk you really did not need)… being creative is being very rewarding not only seeing your self made product, but for your life as a whole.

  5. I’m a quilter too!!! OH so much in common!

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