Create and earn

Create beautiful art and earn money.

Here are some of the best links……..all of which will enable you to create your own beautiful art work, or simply discover which type of work you enjoy. I am a BIG believer that there is an artist/creator in us all. Many of us failed at art in school, or have never had the time to follow an interest in painting or craft. Look through these ideas here, you will surprise yourself!

These links will take you to the tools which will help you create and earn money. Look down the list and find the one that shouts your name………release your inner creator!


Click Here! How to make beautiful stained glass products for fun and for profit

Click Here! This is great for learning to draw caricatures……which is always fun at craft fairs as well as for prints etc. A great earner too.

Click Here!  This link is just great for learning to draw everything else 🙂

A fantastic link for all you photographers out there! This is such a great way to make money and really set your photos apart from the crowd:  Click Here!  Have fun and make money at the same time!

Wow, really spoiled by choice , but this is one of the best:

Click Here! Portraits can be one of the hardest things to draw….but here you are taught to do them beautifully, and avoid all the mistakes. Absolutely love this, and people pay top money for accurate portraits. I really recommend this!

2 Responses to Create and earn

  1. waynelaw says:

    I believe that there is an artist is everybody as well…most can’t bring them out but they are waiting.

  2. Skip Thomsen says:

    “Create and Earn” is a terrific concept. Most of us artists have the “create” part down. Now all we need is to figure out the “earn” part. Every artist’s dilemma: Being an artist and a marketing expert are such far-removed disciplines. We’re all awaiting some options here!

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