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Connecting to creativity.

What is it that makes our creative spirit wax and wane? What strange and unknown forces sometimes come to our aid whilst we paint, and at other times hinder us? There are times when a painting almost seems to flow … Continue reading

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My Sunday Praise: Simple living.

Today is my first Sunday here since my break for the Christmas holidays.  I try to give thanks each Sunday for something that is having a positive effect on my life or the lives of others. It really is surprising just how … Continue reading

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My Sunday praise: Ordinariness.

This sunday I would like to give praise to something that is all around us; something that so many of us are, that we scarcely give it any thought in our day-to-day lives: ordinariness. This is such a plain word, … Continue reading

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The start of something new?

The sun is out, and not only that it´s warm enough to sit outside….in fact, it’s a little too hot to sit for long directly in the sunlight. This, in my opinion, makes it a sin to do any work today. … Continue reading

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My Sunday Praise: All those who dare to speak the truth.

In a week when the Syrian government cut the internet and much of the phone system , my Sunday praise has to go to all the people who dare to speak the truth whatever the consequences. Of course, the Syrian … Continue reading

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