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My new artwork.

Mmmm…..this  art work has been a long time coming, even by my standards, but here it is. Enjoy. xxx

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The art of complaining about the weather

Still freezing, and still working on my new painting. I´m happy with the progress of my painting and seriously not happy with the weather. This is a big deal for me, I simply do not operate at all well in … Continue reading

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Off we go again…

Here we are again, another weekend behind us, and facing a brand new week. Unusually, I took the whole weekend off and spent the time meeting friends and taking even longer in bed than normal. That isn´t something I do too … Continue reading

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My Sunday Praise: Simple living.

Today is my first Sunday here since my break for the Christmas holidays.  I try to give thanks each Sunday for something that is having a positive effect on my life or the lives of others. It really is surprising just how … Continue reading

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That post painting feeling…

Once again I´m feeling that nice post painting feeling….another work completed and ready to upload to my sites for selling. The day after a work is completed I always feel relaxed and at peace. This may be due to the … Continue reading

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Peace again.

Today is the 7th of January, which for those of us in Spain and some parts of South America, it is a public holiday. It is the day which marks the end of the festivities of christmas time for another … Continue reading

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Getting ready for my second christmas.

Well strictly speaking, not a second christmas at all but the very lovely celebration of  Epiphany. Known as El día de Reyes, the arrival of the three kings is eagerly anticipated by Spanish children in much the same way as … Continue reading

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First post of 2013.

Wow, where did my holiday go? One minute I was merrily saying Feliz Navidad to everyone, the  next minute I find myself here, writing my first post of 2013. Part of me feels as if I should make this a … Continue reading

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My Sunday praise: Ordinariness.

This sunday I would like to give praise to something that is all around us; something that so many of us are, that we scarcely give it any thought in our day-to-day lives: ordinariness. This is such a plain word, … Continue reading

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The start of something new?

The sun is out, and not only that it´s warm enough to sit outside….in fact, it’s a little too hot to sit for long directly in the sunlight. This, in my opinion, makes it a sin to do any work today. … Continue reading

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