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My new artwork.

Mmmm…..this  art work has been a long time coming, even by my standards, but here it is. Enjoy. xxx

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Connecting to creativity.

What is it that makes our creative spirit wax and wane? What strange and unknown forces sometimes come to our aid whilst we paint, and at other times hinder us? There are times when a painting almost seems to flow … Continue reading

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A schedule? I don´t think so.

  Oh dear, I slept in this morning. Last night I was buzzing, wide awake and chatting with friends until 2am, and not thinking at all about how I would feel in the morning. Actually I feel fine, and because I don´t … Continue reading

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What would I do without the internet?

Finally, after days of problem with the internet, everything seems to be sorted out now. Yesterday was spent catching up with my online work, and that took quite a few hours.   I love the internet, as my regular readers … Continue reading

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My painting won´t behave.

  Oh dear. My painting won´t behave. I have such a clear idea in my mind about how I want it to look, that I´m just not happy for it to come out any differently.   Without giving the game … Continue reading

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Painting and fitting in other things.

Yesterday was a strange day and full of distractions. It was one of those days where you work hard, but seem to have little to show for it at the end of the day. I did spend time on my … Continue reading

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The art of complaining about the weather

Still freezing, and still working on my new painting. I´m happy with the progress of my painting and seriously not happy with the weather. This is a big deal for me, I simply do not operate at all well in … Continue reading

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That post painting feeling…

Once again I´m feeling that nice post painting feeling….another work completed and ready to upload to my sites for selling. The day after a work is completed I always feel relaxed and at peace. This may be due to the … Continue reading

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The painting continues….

Thank you all very much for your likes, comments and emails both here and on fb about my new work “Gracias”. No matter how many paintings I do, it’s always exciting to post them here, and a good reaction is … Continue reading

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My new painting: “Gracias”.

My new work, “Gracias” Oil on Canvas. This is a large painting, and it seems fitting to paint a work which expresses thanks for the opportunity to experience another year………Hope you enjoy it. Have a good day everyone, Judy xxx

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