The art of giving up negative thoughts.

Sometimes this is the best view you can give to negative events.

Sometimes this is the best view you can give to negative events.

Yesterday,  a few things happened in my life which rocked my boat. Nothing major, but difficult enough to change my mood and cause my day to loose its spark a little. As I sat down to dwell on this, I realized my reaction was not so much to do with the things that had occurred but was more of a habit. Yes, a few incidents had rocked my boat, but I could, and should, choose how I respond to them. Feeling a bit low was a choice, but it was not a good choice as is had the power to spoil my day. I didn´t feel low because I had to. I felt low because responding this way to a negative event was what I did.It was  not only a habit, but a bad habit which could spoil my day.

Now it so happens that I have experience with bad habits. As an ex smoker I am a bit of an expert on the truth of the often quoted “Old habits die hard”.  Just over fifteen years ago I took my last long drag on my beloved cigarette and turned to my friend and announced that I was now a non-smoker. Of course it was no where near as easy as that, in fact it was one of the toughest things I have ever done. I physically and emotionally longed for a cigarette for a very long time. I ate too much, I even once tried a beer for breakfast to ease the pain of withdrawal, but nothing really helped. I just had to sit it out and put as much time as I could between me and that final cigarette. So what motivated me to suffer so much? It was the absolute knowledge that smoking was causing me more suffering than the pain of withdrawal and in all probability it would finally cause me a rather drawn out and unpleasant early death. So I persevered, and I had to persevere for a very long time. Finally though, the inevitable happened and one day I realised I hadn´t thought about cigarettes at all. Today they have no power over my life at all.

When I thought about this I realized that my experience of giving up smoking was an important life skill that I could use today. I can decide to give up a reaction in the same way I decided to give up cigarettes. So, as I once refused to give in to the desire to put a cigarette in my mouth , I am going to refuse to put a bad thought into my mind. I´m going to start with the two little incidents of yesterday. Writing about them now feels just as I did when I smoked my last cigarette. I shall give it my full attention now, and then I will never mentally attend to or respond to them ever again.

Sure its going to be tough, but its good for me, and healthy for my state of mind in the long run. So here goes, after writing this blog I shall carry on with my day as it was planned, including hopefully finishing my painting which will be number 2 in the series of Brincar de Alegría; gracias a Dios / Dancing for joy; thanks to God.  Now there is something really worth the space it occupies in my mind.

Have a great day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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