Connecting to creativity.

On creativity

On creativity (Photo credit: Bohman) Connect to the source of creativity

What is it that makes our creative spirit wax and wane? What strange and unknown forces sometimes come to our aid whilst we paint, and at other times hinder us?

There are times when a painting almost seems to flow through me, as if the universe itself was dictating each stroke of the brush, using me only as the holder of the tools. At times like this the painting seems to fall upon the canvas, and I have noticed that my best works are produced like this.

There are other times though, when there seems to be a sheet of glass between me and the universe, between me and creativity. Times when I am completely unable to think of what to paint next, and the trip to the canvas is made unwillingly. I put these times down to being “not in the mood to paint” but is something more going on?

What is this creative force that we artists refer to and know so well? What is the power that we lock into when we are performing at our best? I am inclined to label it God, as this is my belief. However, there seem to be as many names for this power as there are people. So whatever the power is named, it is something that is definitely there.

I think that acknowledgement of this power is one of the things that sets creative people apart from those who are not. Actually, I believe all people have the capacity to be creative, but it is the lack of a connection to this other power that hinders them. It is this other power from where our creativity flows.

So at times, when my own creativity seems to be blocked, and the “I´m not in the mood” feeling is taking over, I feel that I must look further for the answer. Sure there are times when I have too much to do, and that has been the case over the past few weeks, but at other times something else is going on that causes me to become separated from my creativity.

And this, I believe, is because I become separated from the universe as a whole. When feeling ill, or overworked or just tired, I do not pay attention to things the way I should. A day can be lived in a way that just gets me through, but there is so much more to each day than that. A day should be greeted with gratitude, after all it is an opportunity not given to everyone. Add a positive attitude that all is well, and everything in life is unfolding as it should, and I believe these powerful and positive thoughts keep the connection between us and the universe in place.

So on days when I can´t think of anything to paint, or stall in my flow of creativity, it is my emotional connections that I should be looking at first. Instead of hunting through old photos for inspiration I should instead be seeking to feel closer to my source of inspiration, and the creativity will return on its own.

So today, no matter how much else I have to do, I will not miss out on my walk through the forest. This is precious and sacred time, and without feeling connected to my greatest source of strength, life and painting would be very much more difficult. We all have this one, precious chance to live to our full potential, and time spent in gratitude and enjoyment of our surroundings is like recharging our batteries, so that we can get the absolute best from ourselves in the day ahead.

Have a good day everyone,

Judy, xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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3 Responses to Connecting to creativity.

  1. Well said. A good read to set me up for the dat, thank you.

  2. OH I HATE IT when my muse is GONE!! I never feel so isolated in the world as when I am cut off from that source. I JUST finished reading another post from someone who was going through the same thing. I feel for you it’s horrible you can’t turn away but you can’t stay. OH good luck!

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