Painting and fitting in other things.

Ejoying the moment

Enjoying the moment

Yesterday was a strange day and full of distractions. It was one of those days where you work hard, but seem to have little to show for it at the end of the day.

I did spend time on my painting, but it will need work today as well. This really isn´t an issue, although it feels like it sometimes to me. I do worry if I haven´t produced a new work , but I´m also trying to give each new painting the time it needs. Some need more than others, and this one, although simple in design, needs to be done very carefully.

I think it is because I have one eye on the need to build up stock, for my exhibition later this year. I worry that I will miss the opportunity as I won´t have enough works to show. This is an ongoing issue for me, because I do also sell originals from time to time, making the growing of a nice stock of paintings even harder. Always it is a pull between needing to make a living and needing to express myself as an artist. It´s a difficult balance to manage, especially as the economic climate gets ever more precarious here in Spain.

However, I am still far from needing to live under an olive tree, so I am going to give my new work whatever time it requires. I am hoping to have it completed by today, but we shall see. This afternoon is also my craft day, so I will take a few hours off and go to that. For one reason or the other , I have not been able to go for a few weeks and it will be good to see my fellow quilters and crafters and catch up with their news.

It does mean I will have to take along my poor neglected quilting squares. This is another thing with art. As much as I love it, and I do enjoy what I do, it takes up the majority of my time. Other arty things such as quilting have to be fitted around it.  I was looking through some craft sites online a few days ago, and all manner of interesting things caught my eye, but choices have to be made…..and with my art and online work, there is so little time left .

I do squeeze in the time for a long walk with my dog each day. This is such a favorite thing of mine that I cannot imagine a day without the pleasure of walking. It´s good to see my dog enjoying himself too, and he settles well and is content to watch me painting for the rest of the day once he has had the chance to run full speed, zig zagging with his nose to the ground. I love to watch him doing that. What delights does he read from the scents he picks up? Can he know what passed that way during the night? Does he have favorite scents? In many ways with his vastly superior hearing and sense of smell he must live in a very different world to me. I see the trees, feel the wind, and can smell the damp earth, but I think he sees and knows far more than I. Maybe that’s why I am content to walk, while he runs, filled with excitement all around me.

Actually I have always thought that dogs had a lot to teach us about life and living. They seem to always get every last drop of joy out of every situation. What a great way to be.

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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3 Responses to Painting and fitting in other things.

  1. I had the same day yesterday. Maybe because it was grey out and VERY cold… BOOOO!!

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