The art of complaining about the weather

English: Field in Winter A field in winter, ta...

Field in Winter. Not for me; give me warmth any day….(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still freezing, and still working on my new painting. I´m happy with the progress of my painting and seriously not happy with the weather. This is a big deal for me, I simply do not operate at all well in the cold. My hands get cold; my ears hurt when I go out and my eyes water when the wind is too cold. I lose interest in putting my nose outside of my door, and generally would hibernate if I could. For me, falling asleep at the beginning of January and waking up just as the days are starting to be consistently warm again would be heaven. I would even enjoy the gathering and storing of nuts. Anything to avoid the cold.

It´s just not the same when it´s cold. The very windy and steep street from my house freezes over , and I feel like I am ice skating down the north face of the Eiger every time I venture out to go to the shops. I get around hunched up beneath my coat, and this causes me to ache. Add in a bit of cold, sideways rain, the sort that comes at you at high-speed and horizontally, and I am miserable. Sideways rain drenches you and renders your umbrella useless. Add a bit of wind, and you end up soaked, cold and with a stupid inside out umbrella pointing heavenwards like a sad statement about your ability to manage in the winter,

So as far as I´m concerned, winter should not happen at all. I can´t think of one single thing I like about it. It´s not as relaxing and sociable as the summer; not as beautiful as autumn (fall to my American readers) and not as pretty as spring. It´s wet, cold and windy and the trees are bare. The lovely plaza is wet and deserted. The forest looks damp, neglected and soggy with the now rotting remains of fallen leaves. It´s quiet too, as any bird with more than one brain cell is now basking in the sunshine of an african country.

It´s only us humans that think it is sensible to spend the entire year in one place. Places change with the seasons, and just because a place is great in the sunshine does not mean it will be great in the winter.  Most of the houses in my town were built to keep out the heat of the ferocious Andalusian summer. The walls are thick and the windows small. The streets are narrow to increase shadow and decrease the heat. Winter is completely un catered for. I don´t know anyone who has central heating, or a carpet in their home. I have never seen double glazing. These lovely cool mountain homes become fridges with front doors for the months of January to mid April. Many have wood burning stoves or open fires, but many like me find it too inconvenient to light one and use a brasero beneath the table as our only source of heating.

Now this is fine if you can spend the entire winter on your sofa, wrapped in the soft covers of your table, with the warmth from the brazero beneath making you very cosy indeed. Unfortunately even the laziest amongst us do have to leave the sofa from time to time, and it’s quite a shock to the system to meet the cold air of the room after the comfort of the brazero.

I prefer standing at an easel to paint and rarely if ever use my table easel. This is mainly because my back is more comfortable if I´m standing. So for me, all day on the sofa isn´t really an option. I do, as you all know, linger for many hours on my electric blanket, but later when I start painting I will be out in the cold. Suffering for my art. Very arty but not nearly as romantic as many people believe it to be.

I will try to keep moaning about the cold to a minimum here on my blog, but please bear with me while I have the occasional winge. In my next life I´m coming back as a bird and I´ll spend the winter in North Africa, or Mexico if I can fly that far.

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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3 Responses to The art of complaining about the weather

  1. Richelle says:

    Haha, a good winge indeed!! You could always pack up and move to a place with a climate more to your liking, more tropical perhaps!! By the way, there are quite a few houses in the village with central heating and even cortijos have double glazing nowadays!!! Add the persianas on the outside of the windows, heavy curtains on the inside of windowd and doors and you can keep the cold out quite effectively!!! The same thick walls and small windows that keep the heat out in summer, keep the heat in in the winter, just make sure the house doesn´t get cold or damp and woodstoves are quite good at that!! Will send lots of positive energy cos we´re heading for about 2 weeks of dreary grey and wet weather!! xxx

    • Hahahahaha……I really don´t like this weather Richelle. Two more weeks of rain? Oh no………..I was just thinking this morning if I could move to a tropical place, just for January til April though. The rest of the time I love it here . 🙂 xxx

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