New painting started.

Stop sulking, Reg. I´ll walk  you in a minute.

Stop sulking, Reg. I´ll walk you in a minute.

It´s very cold here this morning, the temperature has suddenly dropped. Probably because I was here crowing about how lovely and warm the weather is. My hands have been cold since I woke up, but I haven´t yet figured out how to type beneath the bed covers yet.

I had to do some of my online work very early this morning, which is not normal at all. This meant that my poor fingers had to spend time out of the duvet, and they suffered big time. Room temperature in January is just not warm enough.

However, online work now finished, and normal service resumed here at my blog, even if it is later than I usually post. The room temperature is now much warmer now too, so I´m blogging with  fingers I can feel, which is useful. I made up for my lazy sunday by starting my new painting, and it´s coming along quite nicely. The subject was suggested to me by a friend, and I´m pleased I went along with it.  I won´t tell you what it is yet, as I like it to be a surprise when I post it. Judging by the progress I made on it yesterday, it will only be a day or two more before I can show it.

I have another commission this week . Very pleased about it and I´ll try to make a start on  it towards the end of this week. I think two commissions in a few weeks is a record for me, they don´t normally come in quite so fast. Thank goodness I put in such an enormous order for paints a few months back, I seem to have worked my way through a fair amount of it already.

So, after lunch I will carry on with my new painting. The dog, who missed out on his long walk this morning, will have to wait until the evening before his paws are back in the forest. He is at this moment sulking in his basket because I had other things to do which took priority over him. He is finding that fact a little hard to comprehend and is staring at me with a frown on his face at every opportunity. He knows I weaken at that face, but today there is just too much to do. He was taken out briefly this morning, and fed so there really isn´t too much reason for the poor me dog face that I´m getting.

Ok, change of plan: I will get up, walk the dog and then have lunch. Happy now dog?

Enjoy your day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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3 Responses to New painting started.

  1. To much talking not enough walking mom!!!! Can’t wait to see the new painting. Will it be ready at 5pm today you painting machine!!! LOL

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