Off we go again…

Do I look like Im ready to get upHere we are again, another weekend behind us, and facing a brand new week. Unusually, I took the whole weekend off and spent the time meeting friends and taking even longer in bed than normal.

That isn´t something I do too often. Normally I would paint, at least on Sunday afternoon, when it´s nice and quiet and I have seen all the people I want to see. This weekend was a little different in that I really did nothing very much on Sunday at all. I spent much longer than even my record in bed, read lots of very interesting stuff on the internet and generally got my money´s worth out of my electric blanket. I did call round to eat with a friend in the evening, but the day was definitely a day of minimal calorie usage. I like this term, and it makes staying in bed like a teenager sound almost like a healthy choice.

Today karma has caught up with me and is forcing me to get up much earlier than usual to make up for my sins of yesterday. My main computer broke over the weekend, and it needs to be taken to the shop early. Well, by 10 am which is much the same thing.

I´m now using my little laptop, which can cope with blogging and reading but little else. I can´t really work on it, and so I must have my other computer back as soon as possible. I hope it isn´t anything too difficult or too expensive to repair. Last time I took it to the repair shop the man there gleefully showed me an online article saying how my computer had come out bottom in a list of reliable models. Sony, who´d have thought… Not that he didn´t have ulterior motives, as he quickly showed me another which he felt I really should have instead.

Now I won´t lie;  what he showed me was a lovely looking machine, and in true geek fashion I stroked it lovingly while he spoke. It was thin, and light and sleek. All the things I have aspired to be for years, but failed to become. This was not a computer, it was art. I almost fell for its charms before I came to my senses and accepted that I did not need a new computer. I just needed my old one fixed.

So tomorrow, or perhaps Wednesday I will have my old, heavy, slow and unreliable  machine back, and I will be back to my online work. It always surprises me how much I need my computer. I have no car, and I manage perfectly well. I live simply and with only the items I need, but the computer has become a need.

To be fair, I do use it for work, so  I really do need it. I also read on it, but I never , ever play games. Except scrabble which I love. I do get almost daily requests for all sorts of games, so obviously others spend a lot of time playing, but I have never even investigated online games as a source of fun.

I´m much more likely to count a morning in bed as fun, and so for me yesterday was not wasted at all. I was simply having an extra fun-filled Sunday.

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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