That post painting feeling…

Breakfast in Spain

Breakfast in Spain

Once again I´m feeling that nice post painting feeling….another work completed and ready to upload to my sites for selling. The day after a work is completed I always feel relaxed and at peace. This may be due to the slight anxiety that each piece brings, and I wasn´t too sure about my new work “Flower in the mist” until it was done. Actually, not sure of it until this morning, when I had the chance to look at it again.

A fellow blogger talked about needing to go away from her work for a few days, to decide whether to divorce it or not, and that is exactly how I feel. It takes a little time for nerves to settle, and to see the work as others may see it. My latest work has passed muster, and I like it very much this morning. Especially the fact that I have used a lot of  green; I realised that I had been using a lot of reds, yellows and orange in my paintings lately, and it was definitely time for a change.

So my latest work will be one that makes it to the uploading to my selling site stage. I´ll take a high-definition photo later , and get on with this. I have been known to forget to upload a piece, which does slow down the time it takes to sell…

I have 20 works now set aside for my exhibition, so hopefully I will be able to meet my new deadline for this. I did sell an original last week, but it’s always a balance between selling and keeping them aside. Also I want to have some of the best works for the  exhibition. This is a problem for all artists, and I don´t really know the answer. I think it does mean that the painting momentum must be kept up though…maybe painting slightly faster than sales, so that slowly a stock of work builds up. If the artists amongst you would like to say how you deal with this I´d be really happy to read your comments.

So here I am, at peace and relaxed and ready for my Saturday. A friend  suggested that I take a break and join her for breakfast in the Plaza . This sounds like a pretty good way to start the weekend, and if the sun is warm my breakfast will be perfect.

There is something very enjoyable about breakfast with friends. As a teenager in Africa it was something I did very regularly. In the intervening years in northern europe it was something I missed. The colder countries just don´t make this possible. Well that`s not entirely true; breakfast is possible, but it must be taken inside and somehow that just isn´t the same.

Breakfast is best taken with friends, in the sunshine and with a very nice view of mountains in the background. It should consist of toast, tomatoes and olive oil, fresh orange juice and coffee. It should take at least and hour, possibly two.  And this is exactly how I plan to take my breakfast this morning…..

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx



About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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3 Responses to That post painting feeling…

  1. OH what time is breakfast!!!! I’ll be right there!!!!

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