The painting continues….

The light levels are almost always high........great for painting.

The light levels are almost always high……..great for painting.

Thank you all very much for your likes, comments and emails both here and on fb about my new work “Gracias”. No matter how many paintings I do, it’s always exciting to post them here, and a good reaction is such a boost. Painting is a solitary activity for me, so showing my art here and sharing it with you all makes it so much more enjoyable. I also love that art has become so much more accessible. No more waiting until the artists gets around to booking a gallery. I paint something, post it here, and if you so wish you can be looking at it within minutes. And not just my work, but the wonderful work of thousands of other bloggers as well.

This really does help me to feel much closer to the people who view my work, and much more involved with how you interpret and/or enjoy what I paint. The instant feedback is almost as good as having you all round for a glass of wine and a look at my carefully arranged art…..not that I´m saying that isn´t fun. It´s just that here I can show and discuss my work with people from all over the world , a fact that makes me even more fond of the internet.

My last sale was to a buyer in Canada, so for me blogging is becoming a rather lovely mix of work and pleasure. I have met so many new friends here, and taking time to read their blogs and view their work has become a favorite part of my day.

I have already started on my new work and I am using different colours this time. The background is a mix of greens, and it´s been a while since I used much of that colour. My last few paintings seem to have been mixes of reds, oranges and yellow. I love the brightness and contrast of those colours but I´m enjoying this change. I am also planning on returning to an old and favourite subject, flowers. Or maybe one flower, and something that will contrast nicely with the green shades in the background………hopefully completed in a few days.

I am trying to do most of my painting during the afternoon now, when it is warmer and sunnier. Even though it is now mid winter here in Andalucía, the light levels are still fantastic during the afternoons. In fact they stay that way all year round, only really dropping on rainy days. This makes this part of the world a bit of a magnet for artists . It is very rare that I can´t find a spot inside my house where the light is good enough to paint.  Even today the sun is bright and the sky clear. Although I have lived in this part of the world for many years  I still feel very lucky to be able to paint and make my living in such lovely surroundings.  Maybe I should paint some of the landscape around here…….it really is stunning. I´ll take some photos while I´m out today and post a few tomorrow for you to see….

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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2 Responses to The painting continues….

  1. I always enjoy your posts! It’s nice to see an artist as happy as you! Can’t wait for your new work!

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