My Sunday praise: Ordinariness.

This sunday I would like to give praise to something that is all around us; something that so many of us are, that we scarcely give it any thought in our day-to-day lives: ordinariness. This is such a plain word, but it hides the extraordinary truth about ordinariness; we take it for granted, but really it is a most astonishing thing.

The very word has associations with boring, common, uninteresting , and yet nothing could be further from the truth. The ordinary things around us are absolutely amazing when we really stop to give them thought. If we have a belief in God, as I do, they are holy. Without such a belief, the are still so stunning that they have earned the right to be called miracles.

I walk every day through the pine forest near my home, and I am always uplifted by its beauty and peace, but even then, there is more. The forest is more. The very fact it is there, growing, taking care of itself, beautiful…..these things are so amazing that they are indeed miraculous;  they are miracles.

We live on a planet spinning through space, surrounded by other planets, but this one is different, it´s very, very special.  So far nothing has come even close to supporting the sheer amount of life and beauty that this planet holds. We wake every morning, without ever thinking how miraculous this event, or indeed our own existence is.

In the endlessness of space, we are here, as human beings, on a planet that has evolved in such a way that every one of our needs is met here. Every single one of the things we need for life is around us, and even our own evolution seems to be a rare, if not unique, event in all of the universe that we have been able to examine so far. And yet how often do we actually stop and really, really think about this?

Our little earth surrounded by an eternity of other things; other things which make up an environment that could not support us or any other life form around us. We live in this special little world that is complete and beautiful……….and we call it ordinary.

What a strange word to give to something that is not ordinary at all. The blue of the sky, the seas, rivers and lakes. The mountains and valleys; the animals and the trees. All interlinked, all wonders of creation. All miraculously evolved and living together here on earth.

And yet, because we are surrounded by this miracle, we take it for granted. We barely ever think of it. We wonder how it all came into being, but then get on with our day. And how often to we give thanks for it? My guess is not very often. We give thanks for a special event, we give thanks for recovery from illness, or even for having enough to eat. Yet we almost never give thanks for this whole incredible biosphere that we all share. It´s just here, it’s what we are used to; it´s ordinary.

I think we could do well to stop and wonder about this . We pass a tree, we may even stop to admire it, but we don´t call it a miracle. I think we should. Only when we come to appreciate just what an enormous miracle everything is will we begin to feel the gratitude that in the end brings us to peace and joy.

We have so much to be grateful for, and when we start to see the miracles that surround us, it would be hard to feel anything else.  I have posted a link today to a song which says so well what I am trying to say here.

Take a while to listen to it. Miracles do happen, they are all around, we are up to our necks in them.  The very existence of this planet and our lives are proof of it. When we open our eyes and see everything around us in this light, we will lift our own spirits as we begin to truly appreciate the greatness of the “ordinariness” that surrounds us.

Have a good Sunday everyone,

Judy xxx


About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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