The start of something new?

The pine forest this morning. A walk in the lovely sunshine, or work? It was a tough choice.....

The pine forest this morning. A walk in the lovely sunshine, or work? It was a tough choice…..

The sun is out, and not only that it´s warm enough to sit outside….in fact, it’s a little too hot to sit for long directly in the sunlight. This, in my opinion, makes it a sin to do any work today.

I took the dog for a long walk in the pine forest, and then had breakfast in the plaza, in the sun with friends. Then I did the rest of my christmas food shopping and climbed the hill back to my house. That is how I got to 1pm today without one single bit of work done. No blog, no online work, no painting. Nada. And I enjoyed every moment of it. At this time of year, if a nice day comes along, it is to be enjoyed.

Now I´m back at the house, and I´ll do my online work and then maybe start a new painting later today. I am still trying to paint quite a bit so that I can take a few days off for christmas. With both my daughters coming to stay, I don´t think very much painting will be done then.

Just bought today. For the table at christmas lunch. Love it.

Just bought today. For the table at christmas lunch. Love it.

Anyway, it felt nice to take a break this morning, and I can always say I was celebrating the  start of  the new 394-year century, or baktun, which is what the end of the Mayan calendar really meant, despite the best efforts of some people to have us believe it was the end of all time. But I have to admit  that I do feel that we have entered a new time here on earth. It feels as if a time of enlightenment is closer now than before, and certainly many people are waking up to the idea of living in a more simple and nurturing way.  Is this tied to the ancient Mayan belief of endings and new beginnings? I have absolutely no idea, but I can´t completely shake the feeling that something new and exciting is happening on earth right now…….

Maybe it ties up with what I was saying about the internet; how we can all access so much more real information now; that we are now much more aware of corruption and plain badness in most governments. Now we are much more questioning of what is going on around us, and much less likely to take what we read or hear at face value. We can do our research, and many of us are now able to make up our own minds more easily than ever before.

This has to be a good thing, and it ties in with the idea that we are waking to a new age. An age of greater understanding, an age of greater compassion and an age of questioning and challenging our politicians and those wealthy enough to pull the strings of government.

I´m looking forward to what ever the next few years may bring; I´m hoping that we all manage to evolve a little more and become more aware, kinder and humane. Now that really would be the dawning of a new age.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone,

Judy xxx


About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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