Art in all its forms and technology.

Art in all its forms and technology meet.

Art in all its forms and technology.

I had a seriously good day yesterday. Now this isn´t to say that I don´t very often have good days, because that isn´t true. I have days when I feel energised, and I paint for hours; I have days when I stretch my walk with the dog for so long that he almost needs to be carried back to the house. I have days when I feel really happy, for no particular reason at all.

But yesterday I had a very, very good day. I read through the messages everyone had sent me about how best to lay out my blog page to showcase a new art work. I wrote my blog, I  did my online work and prepared my last nice big canvas for the painting which I shall begin today.

I took a walk through the pine forest, which was stunning. The weather had caused a fog to linger amongst the trees, so the bright morning sunlight beamed through it in beautiful rays of soft yellow. I wish you could have seen it;  absolutely designed to make anyone feel good.

Then I returned home and instead of starting my painting as I had planned, I decided to read through the blogs of some of the people who are reading mine. Normally, I would have later regretted putting off my painting. I would have felt  guilty about traipsing around in blog land while nicely tucked up on the sofa with the cover of my brasero keeping me at slow roast temperature.

But not yesterday. Yesterday I discovered what an absolutely amazing and talented bunch of people are out there tapping away daily at their blogs. I read articles that made me laugh; learned a bit more about some political situations around the world; saw stunning photography and great new works of art. I read an opinion about the impact of guns, not just on society, but on the person who holds the gun….this was a great piece of writing with several links and it has opened up a whole bunch of new things for me to be thinking about. It you are interested in the gun debate I recommend you pop over to the blog of Michael Sacasas and read his piece on violence and technology. You can find it here. Follow his links too, whether you agree or not , it’s a thought provoking piece and very relevent at this time.

I find it not only rewarding, but uplifting too to remember that there are so many talented and thoughtful people in the world. Surrounded as we are by media that focuses upon the negative, the deranged, dangerous and immoral, its easy to start to think that we live on a planet getting ever more unstable, and run by psychopaths. Actually, in my opinion there is more than a grain of truth in the “run by psychopaths” but this point probably needs a whole blog or ten to itself.

What my rather extended visit to blog land showed me  was that although undoubtedly there are enormous problems and suffering around, there is also an equal if not greater amount of gifted and thoughtful people who care about this, and are working in their own way to change things. With their words, with their art and poetry. With their organisational skills  in bringing together groups of people who can and will make a difference. By educating people, and by very often bringing us all the truth about what is really going on.

I spoke yesterday of my love of the internet, and this has reenforced my liking of it. In my opinion the internet is the single biggest force we as individuals  have , and not just politically. It enables the developing of ideas, the discovery of  truth, education , development of our art  and ability to see the work of others. And just simply enjoying the company, if only in writing, of some very interesting people indeed.

So today, I will finally make a start on my new painting, and I will probably paint for a good few hours until the painting reaches the stage where it needs to dry for a while. Then I will settle down with my laptop again and read some more……

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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2 Responses to Art in all its forms and technology.

  1. Judy any time you need are inspired please don’t hesitate to NOT respond to me till your done!!! I would HATE if I held you up! You should put your mind to rest I will NOT be miffed AT ALL!!! It was so nice to hear you feel warm fuzzes about the love in the blogisphere! I feel the same way!

  2. Done now, Jamine 🙂 hope you had a fruitful day too xxx

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