The art of keeping up with the times.

A slide rule. This is an example of a mathemat...

A slide rule. This is an example of a mathematical instrument with logarithmic and log-log scales. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) And I actually loved mine,even the case it came in….just like my daughter loves her iphone and it´s cover. Only difference was, you couldn´t chat on your slide rule, or play games, or……

Lots of thanks again to all my readers for your comments yesterday. I now know that when I have a new painting  to post I should post it full size. Almost all of you messaged me to say you don´t click on thumbnail sized pictures and were actually seeing my painting “Girl with red flowers in her hair” properly for the first time yesterday when I posted the large size image. So, another thing I have learned this week about blogging; most of us don´t have a lot of spare time to go clicking around on every blog we read. I need to make it easy for  my readers to see my work.

Getting my mind around all the various social media available now has taken me quite a bit of work. I belong to a generation that had no I.T. lessons at school. Well, to be honest, even calculators weren´t around; do any of you remember slide-rules? Hands up any of you who even know what a slide-rule is, or rather was. Can you still get them? You can read about them here. When I was at school they were the last word in automatic calculation, the computers of their day, except you couldn´t play games on them. Not unless you include the fun of sliding the middle part up and down during particularly boring lectures. Wikipedia describes the slide rule as an analog computer. We would never have used that term. For as start we would not have known the word analog, or computer for that matter.

It´s facinating how many words I use today that I would not have understood as a girl. Obviously anything to do with computers or the internet had not yet reached my language base. No uploading, downloading , keyboard and so on . And as for the internet which I use every day, I would not even have understood the word “internet”.

And not just computer language. Cell phone, mobile, GPS; thousands of words that were just not in use when I was at school.  I have probably learned the equivalent to an entire new language since I left school. No wonder we spent so long studying the classics and hours on our latin verbs. There was nothing else to do.

Week end arrangements were made in school in *gasp* face to face conversations. Text? That referred to the words in your text book… was something you read, not did with your thumbs because you prefered it to talking. Now when I look back, I really don´t know how we ever managed to meet up week ends, but we did. But then again we had to. We couldn´t spend the weekend chatting to each other and showing photos via the internet. If I stayed home one weekend I would have been bored. Now if my internet is down for 10 minutes, I twitch like an addict seconds before the next fix is due.  I can´t even do my work, much of which is online. Back then, I lived my whole girlhood without once having my fingers touch an electronic keyboard of any sort. Not on a computer, not on a phone, not on a laptop. Not even on a door.

This subject is really going to have to be returned to several times. Even as I´m writing I am thinking of more and more ways technology has completely changed my life. How did I manage? Even the tv had only one black and white channel which broadcast between 6pm and 10pm. Ok, I know I grew up in the wilds of africa, but I don´t think anywhere in the world had all day television back then. It wasn´t even as if we could snack to pass the time. Crisps (Chips to my Spanish and US readers) came in one flavor, salt. And even that you had to put on yourself from the little twist of blue paper which was to be found in the packet. No fast food either, not that there would have been much point I suppose, as there were also no microwaves.

No wonder we hung out in Golden Arch restaurants, and spent rather less innocent times watching films at the local drive-in. Read about them here. No wonder we all did so well in our exams, all went off to university, and made our parents proud. There was nothing else to do. Well, obviously some people finished school at 16, but they went on to some sort of trade. They didn´t become  23 year old  multimillionaire CEO´s of software companies.

But I like the world as it is. I love the new technology, I love that even at my age there is something lovely and bright and new to learn all about. I love that I have an oppportunity to not only blog, but to ask you all questions about how to do it best. I love that I can sit propped up  my lovely bed and read your replies from all over the world. I would never have believed it….

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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2 Responses to The art of keeping up with the times.

  1. I wouldn’t know you were fighting the I.T. battle if you had not told me! It looks effortless to me!

  2. Thank you Jasmine…….I´m getting better and better at it, and I do love it. Just wish I´d had a lesson or two! My friends two year old can already navigate around the internet and find his fav cartoon video clips! Judy xxx

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