The art of painting and selling.

Detail of my painting "Sunflowers"

Detail of my painting “Sunflowers”

Just back from the medical centre, where I had my stitches removed from around my eye. I fell twelve days ago, and the resulting cut was quite deep. The doctor was very kind, and was even forgiving about my arrival, which was two hours late. Sorry, the 10am looked like 12am to me, I should have put my glasses on…….

My new painting is finally underway, several days late I know, but I´m up and ready to go again. I was hoping to have it completed by today, but yesterday was a disaster. I should not have tried to get up so early, It took me the entire day to recover. Today I have almost returned to my normal routine, and feel a whole lot better for it. Tomorrow, without having to visit the medical centre, I will be right back to getting up at noon again. No good fighting nature; I am just not a morning person.

My new painting is being done on the last of my large canvases, and I´m hoping that my friend who has gone to Málaga today, will be able to find me another. I really don´t like painting small pictures.  I sell mostly online prints, so the size of the original isn´t all that important, but I love to paint large, with great swirls of colour and shapes. I always feel restricted with a small canvas, no matter what style I´m painting in.

This painting is being done with a mixture of brushes and palette knives, and its been a while since I have used this almost 50/50 mix. I have the feeling that it won´t take too long, because I am enjoying the painting of it. So most of this afternoon and probably the evening too will be spent working on it.

A couple of friends have mentioned to me lately that to keep sales flowing, I should abandon my habit of swapping styles almost with each painting. They think that it´s good to keep to just one style, so that potential customers know what to expect when they visit my site. This is something I would really like your opinion on. I actually enjoy changing styles, and don´t really want to pick just one, but am I harming my sales by doing this? Does my habit swapping and changing quite randomly really have a negative affect on my sales? What have you other artists and photographers found? Are any of you now deliberately keeping with one particular style? I hope a few of you reading this do find the time to reply or email. Like everyone else, I´m all for increasing sales, but this isn´t something I have particularly thought about before. I simply paint what I want to paint, and wait for someone to come along who loves it as much as I do. So any thoughts about this would be very welcome………

Well, I won´t be making any sales at all , unless I get off my laptop and go to my easel, so with that thought I´ll leave you all for today.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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5 Responses to The art of painting and selling.

  1. Susan says:

    Hi Judy: I personally agree with you, about swapping styles, because that is how you grow artistically… I must admit I did a few series in a particular style, for selling purposes, and it worked… but I felt corrupting my soul… so now I sort of do both… follow my heart, and once in a while a commercial series… by the way… Picasso nerver stuck to one style… He was constantly experimenting… I myself call every work an experiment, and if somethings comes out, during that experiment that should be repeated, or further developped, I will… little by little I see now that when I am closest to my searching experi,ments, best things come out… but it is vere clear to me, that I do not want to be (like I know one) who won a prize with a still life of newspapers and no is painting these damn same newspapers for the last 20 years… (or more) this kills any new input, and makes him just an artisan nowadays… Don´t listen to “good advise” follow your heart, and only if you really seriously need bread on the table, cave in to those commercial advises… Be faithful to your soul, that make a person happy and giving… (raking in the money can be very seductive)

  2. Thank you Susan, this is exactly how I feel. I do need to make sales, but I also need to follow my heart. So far my eclectic mix of work seems to be selling, although more prints than anything else. I do need to put food on the table, but I am not seduced by money. When I have enough, it´s enough; I don´t know if staying with one style only would really increase sales, but there is an idea going around that it does. Thanks for your input. xxx

  3. Judy I had NO idea you were injured!!! And your working!!! Your a MACHINE!!!!

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