Me and my brain

Human Brain Evolution

Human Brain Evolution. Mine has evolved to not like mornings.

I tried getting up early again this morning; it was a surprising amount of fun yesterday, and in my wanderings around the market I met a few people I havent seen for months. Later that day I went off to my craft group, and had even more fun, and by the evening I was feeling that the whole day had been great, and that there may be something to be said for this getting up early after all.

So this morning I got up again. At 8am to be precise. By the time I had got ready and walked the dog, it was 9am.  I got back to my house and thought about starting on my new painting. I settled on the sofa, and checked through a few emails before beginning my art. At first I could read easily, and then I realized I was reading the same email two, three, four times. Then I forgot that I was reading emails at all……..I was falling asleep. My body had finally put its foot down, or to be more exact, it had stretched itself out on the sofa and was refusing to do more. My brain, always on the side of my body, shut my eyes, turned me on my side and threw bucket loads of melatonin all over me, leaving me fast asleep.

Now this is seriously sneaky of my brain: for a start, melatonin should increase in the evening, and put me to sleep nicely at about 11pm or so, triggered by the decrease in light levels. This morning was nice and sunny; I was up and wanting to get on with something; I had been willing, for heaven’s sake, to leave my bed the moment I opened my eyes. So why the gallons of sleep inducing chemicals at 9:30am? I feel quite cross actually. I mean, who is running the show here?

My brain does not like change. Like my dog, it is in a routine and does not want to suffer through the slightest variation of that pattern. It has become accustomed to a morning that starts at lunch time and a 2am bedtime. Neither my brain, nor my dog want to be doing anything at dawn. And they didn´t think to consult me about my plans for the day. 

I´m outnumbered. It´s now past 1pm, and I´m only just awake. I didn´t get another wander around town; I didn´t eat breakfast in a bar. I am going to be wide awake until the small hours of the morning. My brain and my dog will be enjoying their usual small hours of the morning traipse around the forest.

Now I understand completely, that I am not my brain. I am the substance that watches what my brain is doing or thinking, but as long as it´s still alive, I do have to co-operate with it to a point. Firstly, however,  for the rest of the day, I will have my own way, and paint; creativity is mine, and mine alone. Tomorrow morning though, I  have the feeling that I may not put up such a fight against my nature……..

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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3 Responses to Me and my brain

  1. Get that OLD brain stretched out! LOL Have a great day!

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