What to paint next?

English: Lascaux Caves - Prehistoric Paintings...

Did pre-historic artists have days when they couldn´t think what to paint next? I think so, and plenty of them. Their art was a bit, well, repetitive; animals and hunting mainly. No bar to skulk off to either. Times were hard.

Another bright and sunny day although freezing cold. Another day of feeling very enthusiastic and wanting to paint…….only one problem which is grinding the whole process to a complete stop; I don´t know what to paint!


I´ve tried thinking of something, I´ve tried not thinking of something. I´ve gone through all the photos I have taken. Nothing. Not a hint of inspiration. Even my lovely dreams of swirling colours and shapes have stopped. No more seeing pictures in my dreams, no more painting-type thoughts in my head all day. What is happening?  Have I really painted every thing there is to paint?  Well, I´m nowhere near that point, but I just don´t have an idea of what I´m going to do next. I´ll try a little wander around the internet after my work, and hope to stumble upon something inspiring. Failing that, I will take my dog and go  and take a café and tostada in the Plaza and forget all about art, painting and inspiration altogether. I will think of nothing except my breakfast, and maybe chat a little with the very friendly young girl who works there in the mornings. Mmmmmm, just the thought of it is making me feel more relaxed, it´s obviously the way to go.


I know I am trying to be more  productive than normal over the next few weeks, because once christmas is upon us, I will have much less time available for painting. I´m also worrying that I will not have enough originals for an exhibition which will never happen if I don´t paint. A friend suggested putting all my paintings in enormous frames, and writing long and arty type descriptions to go with each one. According to her , if I´m crafty enough I can fill miles of wall space with a dozen or so paintings……….if only it was as easy as that.  Big canvases do definitely help though, and I do like painting on those, but I don´t want to feel I´m painting with one eye on the square miles being covered. Doesn´t seem right somehow.


It´s a block. Plain and simple; whatever makes a picture tumble out of me and arrange itself nicely on the canvas is just not here today. It´s asleep, or on holiday; it´s not giving me any help at all, and I have no idea when it will come back. Soon I hope, or at the very least by the end of the week. Does worrying about it make it worse? Probably, so I´ve said my last word about it until whatever the block is, it has gone away.


So reviewing my options this is what I have decided: A few hours of online work, and then straight down to the plaza for breakfast and a nice long chat with whoever else is in the bar……..I think I can turn this around into a productive day after all.


Enjoy your day everyone,


Judy xxx






About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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7 Responses to What to paint next?

  1. jav3d says:

    Do you know about http://www.mourgefile.com Judy? They host royalty-free photographs which artists can use as inspiration. It’s a good place for me sometimes to get ideas and inspirations : )

  2. There are two times in my personal life when it’s a BAD time to be around me. When my muse has left or when I am waiting to release my music. Every idea I have I HATE and every “Helpful suggestion” that gets shoved in my ears is DESPISED! I hate all of my work before and life is pretty sour in general.
    Lady Gaga said when she’s trying to finish an album it’s like she’s in a black hall searching for a door to come out. She says she knows the door is there and it will open. But it’s still panic and despair anyway.
    I love your last panting and I think you should revel in your success a tiny bit longer before you begin another…. BUT that’s one of those “HELPFUL SUGGESTIONS!”

  3. Thanks for your reply Jasmine and also your kind words about my latest painting…..any encouragement is always good! xxx

  4. I would like to see a beautiful landscape, your paintings are fantastic and you capture ‘real life’ beautifully! A landscape painted by you would truly be ‘a work of art’. xxx

  5. Thanks Jackie, I still haven´t made my mind up……..but the landscape around here is stunning! xxxx

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