My Sunday Praise: Kakamega Orphans Care Centre.

Children at the Kakamega Orphanage.

Children at the Kakamega Orphanage.

We in the first world are all worrying about the economic situation – and with good reason. When the people around us are losing their jobs and their homes, we would have to be super optimistic not to be concerned that our turn must be  just around the corner. How long will our job last? How many more months can the mortgage be paid? And nothing is getting better any time soon. Only two days ago the UK announced a real danger of a “triple dip recession” That´s banker talk for a recession which has gone on for years, caused untold suffering, been handled badly, and shown absolutely no signs of getting any better. If we are not in trouble already, we are all feeling the effects, and all of us could be in real trouble soon.

So, what have I decided write about today for my Sunday Praise?  I´m going to write about a wonderful orphanage in Kakamega Town in Kenya. And I´m going to ask you all to send them a donation. That´s right:  I´ve just reminded you about how hard times are, and how shaky your situation is, and now I´m suggesting you send some money to a little orphanage in a town you have probably never heard of. Why would I do this?

This is why: The whole economic mess was caused by greed. The greed of bankers, loan sharks and big businesses. It was caused by the media who encouraged  greed among average people by convincing them they needed stuff they didn´t know they needed : Go on, buy a new sofa, even though the sofa you have is only three years old. You deserve it, you owe it to your family. Can´t afford it? Sign here, and pay only 250% interest. Sure it sounds a lot, but its such a tiny amount each month. Or, of course, you can always borrow it against the equity in your house. Deal done. Welcome to the world of Greed.

Now I´m not saying that the average you-and-I caused the recession, but we all went along, in varying degrees with the spend, spend, spend. What were we thinking? How were these immoral people able to influence us so easily? May it never happen again.  Learn to live simply, learn to shop ethically, and learn to spend wisely. Care a whole lot more about people than things. Don´t let the big banks and corrupt businesses ever again manage to rob us all with such ease.

And so I come back to the Kakamega Orphans Care Centre. I don´t want a new sofa, a few weeks ago I bought a nice second-hand one, and saved a lot of money. I live in a modest house, and have no intention of taking out a big fat mortgage which will make a rich banker even richer. I saved some more money. I shop in local stores, and I´ve saved a bit more. I have seen all around me what happens when greed goes unchecked, unnoticed and even encouraged with the idea that to be happy equals big house/car/ pool.

I´ve learned my lesson. On a personal level I live simply. On a larger scale I´ve learned to avoid banks and big businesses as far as possible. And when I have a little spare money, I don´t want something new: I want to do something good with it. It isn´t much, and I am far from rich, but it is something. Today I will spend some money on advertising this post, in the hope that it will help the orphanage. It is my small stand against the greed that caused the recession, which in its turn is now causing horrendous pain and suffering to millions.

So this week I am spending my admittedly small contribution on advertising  the Kakamega Orphans Care Centre. A place so far from the golden temples of the big banks that it could actually be on a different planet. A place where a group of local people got together and started feeding orphans, which gradually turned into a daily feeding programme. Eventually it became a place where these children could live and be educated. People with so little themselves reached out to the most vulnerable of all in their communities. Every banker on earth should be made to go there to learn about morals, and what it really means to be a human being.

You can read all about the Kakamega Orphans Care Centre here.  Please visit this site, and give what you can afford. Lets all turn our backs on the ethos of greed, and get back to remembering how to care for each other. Lets get back to what is really important in life.

Have a good Sunday everybody,

Judy xxx


About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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5 Responses to My Sunday Praise: Kakamega Orphans Care Centre.

  1. Judy you are a true inspiration! I want to help your cause by reposting on my blog! Espero que tu esfuerzos inspiren muchos mas 🙂


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