Painting from your heart.

Alex Castro

Self-Portrait. Drawing by Alex Castro.

I had hoped to post my new painting here today, but it is not quite finished. At least I know that it will definitely be ready to post tomorrow. It´s going well, and maybe a little more mainstream than my last one. Lots of bright colour, which I enjoy using too.

I painted for only a few hours yesterday although I had hoped to paint for longer. I wanted to paint for longer and was really in the mood to do so. However, so many other little things seemed to need to be doing too. Don´t you just hate it when life gets in the way, just as you have a big urge to get on with some work. And it’s not that it was anything all that important either, but just enough to keep me running around. I try to grab any moments I have of energy, because there are times when inspiration and or energy seem to desert me.

Then I stumbled upon a wonderful piece written by the artist Alex Castro. It really did speak to me, and explain why I have these times when I´m thinking about painting, but seem unable to begin the process.  I´m repoducing his piece here in full:

  • I have often seen great craftsmanship great mastery and skill in paints and drawing but please keep in mind the artistic goal is your creative ” Vision” …Great artist are simply great story tellers…
    It is not about how good you or I paint or how well you or I manipulate our art tools and mediums or filling a canvas with perfectly painted objects , these are all means to an end not an end in themselves they simply help and allows us to read your spiritual narrative , the story you want others to see your artistic Vision…
    1. Replace the word “create” with “birth” for creating is a putting together of things and birth is an internal conception a growing a becoming from within the artist…Unless the artist understands this no matter how well painted his compositions they will always be lacking…
    2. Paint from your heart center not you mind center ,when you paint from the heart you escape the limitations of the mental of logic of the physical world , allowing your ideas your passions to soar and take flight leavening the world of the possible to the world of the impossible where any and everything is possible …That’s where the real magic is..
  • 3. Lastly we are painting even when we are not painting ,so fear not “Oh I’m not painting what’s wrong”. Creativity requires food like our body ,this food is called “inspiration” fill yourself up with books ,ideas , art ,your art need a gestation period to be nurtured and grow like the seeds silently growing under the ground, nor can you command the seed or our art to grow before its time, but know this that the greatest artist who ever was is and will ever be is God and God does his great works of art unseen and in silence first…                                                    Thank you my brothers and sisters

    This has really helped me to understand what is happening to me on the days when I can´t paint, but instead dream of the shapes and colours and see art in everything around me. Then suddenly, as Alex says, the seed of a painting bursts up out of the ground and another painting seems to almost create itself.

  • Have a good day everyone,
    Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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4 Responses to Painting from your heart.

  1. It’s ready when it’s ready darling. If it’s today or tomorrow I’m sure no one here minds. It’s not a cake! On that note can’t wait to see it!

  2. Hahahaha, completely agree, but I too lack patience xxx

  3. Chava Gal-Or says:

    Thanks for sharing Alex Castro’s words; they REALLY resonate with me as a writer. He seems to have the words of Julia Cameron on his shoulders. In her writings, she reminds her readers to go on Artists’s Dates each week; I often go more. I need the fuel.

    Love that this morning has allowed me a chance to read a few of your blogs. Keep on writing!

    With light and blessings,

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