Art as language.

English: Mixed Media of Acrylic Paint and enam...

Another artist who used art as language: “SURVIVOR”  This painting was painted by Antonia Gerstacker while fighting cancer in 2009.

There was too much worrying about the cold yesterday, and it did leave me not in the mood to do much at all. It actually surprised me  how much the lack of sun affects me, even if it´s only for one day. The temperature is just as low today, but the sun is back and I´m feeling a whole lot better.

The other reason for my happier mood today is that I went yesterday to the quilting group with my  Spanish friends. A  most amazing, and witty group of women.  Very talented too. I´ll  take some photos one day, and tell you more about them. They deserve a post all to themselves. They made me laugh, although with one broken rib, this is a mixed blessing, and they seemed to warm me up with their friendship.  After a few hours , and coffee afterward in the home of one of them, I returned much more ready to do something; and warmer too. Maybe I feel colder when I´m alone, and art can often be such a solitary thing.

So,having enjoyed my lovely spanish friends for a while, my new canvas got primed, albeit a little later than I had planned, and my dog came with me for an equally lovely semi-dark walk through the forest.  By bed time I had shaken off what ever was troubling me – and also worked out exactly what it is. I may tell you one day, or maybe not; are very negative events caused by people helped by the telling? I´m not sure. Maybe it´s healthier to not give some people head space at all.

Today, I´m finishing  my online work and updating my sites, then its going to be straight on with some painting. I had a very mixed reaction with my painting “The Birthday” and I must admit that by painting very personal feelings, as I was then, mixed reactions are to be expected. One friend said she just didn´t get it, and for that reason couldn´t like it. Another “got” it straightaway, and thought the painting was brilliant. So it did seem to depend on whether you read what the painting was trying to say. Or maybe it depended upon the personal experiences of the viewer. Probably a bit of both. Lovers of realism in painting aren´t going to enjoy it all that much, and nor was it completely abstract, so it was always going to be a difficult piece.
I am still pleased that I painted it though; for a start, I do like to paint in different styles. I don´t want my art to become very recognisable as mine, which is something I see a lot in the art world. Someone gets very good at painting in a particular way, and simply paints variations on this theme. I´m not saying this is wrong, and I can imagine it makes good commercial sense to have a recognised product, but it’s not for me.
I change too much for one thing. Last week it was about feelings, which culminated in “The Birthday” Now I´m ready to paint something quite different. I do understand my market; I am very aware that I sell way more flower and building prints than anything else and from time to time I paint these and enjoy the process too. But I love to explore the process of making art. Painting with different techniques, different colours, different styles. Not just finding what sells or what I can paint quickly. Much like a writer or a musician, art is my voice. It expresses those things inside me for which I have no language. At times it talks of joy, or beauty, or pain. All difficult to convey with words, and to be able to do so with paint is something I am very grateful for. But always this approach is going to have some people saying, “I just don´t understand it”. I do hope that doesn´t happen too often, because my art really is all about communication.

I hope to have my next painting finished today or tomorrow. I´m looking forward to hearing what you think of the next one.

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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5 Responses to Art as language.

  1. rhysallen says:

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  2. Oh I hope you show your finished piece! I like to try different styles to. If I had the time and $ I would do so many new things. Maybe it’s a goos thing I don’t have to much. Don’t want to end up a segment on Hoarders!

    • Thanks, Jasmine, I´m going to post it tomorrow, not quite finished yet. Pleased to find someone else who loves to try new things and grow. Where can I listen to some of your music? Judy xxx

      • Oh not to soon I’m afraid I have had one of those Artist moments when we through everything out and start over… You will understand than most! But I will follow your blog and once it’s finished send you a free album! So you can paint to it! That would be wonderful!

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