The easy gas heater, or the hard work wood burner…….

Picture of leather fingerless gloves from Wils...

I could do with having some of these.

Oh my word, it´s managed to get even colder today. Every year this comes as a surprise to me, lulled as I am into a false sense of security during the long, long hot summer.

My hands are still cold, and I forgot to ask my friend who can crochet about doing some fingerless gloves for me. I really am not built for the cold weather. What I really need to do is migrate each year like a bird; I need two homes. I think the second one should be in Australia, in Queensland , where my friend lives. As this feels like a need  rather than a want, I´m thinking of setting up a “Help Judy get a second home” appeal.  Ok, I know you can probably all think of more urgent appeals elsewhere, but just in case you have a shed load of cash somewhere, and don´t know what to do with it, I thought I´d let you know of one place you could send it – to my bank account.

Failing this appeal being successful, and I must admit to not being too hopeful, I am going to have to sort out a way of keeping warmer. My house actually has a lovely wood burner, so I suppose I had better phone the wood man. I also need someone young, male and in need of some extra cash to chop it up for me. I´m not being wimpy here, but a frozen shoulder – which has remained frozen for 18 months now  – does put wood chopping off my list.

My other choices are a portable gas heater or a lovely table with a brazero underneath. If you´re not sure what a brazero is, read about it here. The advantages of these two options are of course that they are easier. I don´t have to cross the palm of my neighbour Jesús with a decent amount of cash to chop wood for me, and I don´t need to clean either of these out in a freezing cold house every morning. The down side is that neither of these actually heat the whole house, and don´t get the temperature up as high  and lovely as the log burner does.

So I have a bit of a dilemma here. I suppose I could get married and have my man see to the wood burner for me, but it does seem a bit of a dramatic solution…..and in any case, what would I do with him when the Spring comes?  That´s not even taking into account that I would have to find him within the next week, before I freeze to death. And let me tell you, that would not be an easy task…..for many reasons including the fact that I don´t really want to get married, and that might show; I don´t know any single men, well I do but they are not strong enough for wood cutting; I am an artist who is also probably slightly crazy, and I don´t cook much. So all in all, the marriage idea is going to work about as well as my “Help Judy Get a Second Home” appeal.

Well, that’s enough worry for today, I´ll fire up the gas heater and start on my new painting. I´m thinking of a portrait this time. I´ll think about the heating problem some more later……….

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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3 Responses to The easy gas heater, or the hard work wood burner…….

  1. Richelle says:

    Instant warmer hands, chinese shop!!! Bought fingerless gloves there last year. As for chopping wood, tell the guy you order it from (should have done that ages ago, silly woman) that you don´t do chopping and that he should bring wood that fits your wood burner. We only have the occasional log that doesn´t fit and needs to be cut or split. From the guy that brings olive wood, that is, apart from that we cut up, split and stack loads of other wood that the ´blessed´ river brings us, lol… No need to be cold, get organised!!!! xxx

  2. Fran says:

    Here here Richelle!! Have you rung the wood man yet?? The longer you leave it,the colder it gets and the wood goes up in price!! And weve never had a problem with the size of the wood so dont worry about that!! RING HIM!!! xx

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