Cold, cold Monday.

Don´t be fooled by that sun. It´s freezing here today.

Don´t be fooled by that sun. It´s freezing here today.

Monday morning, and as usual it has arrived far, far too soon. It´s also absolutely freezing, and I am fighting the wish to hibernate, or at the very least get under a dozen duvets.

My new painting is more or less completed now. Actually, when I look at it again, I may decided that it is complete. So I will be able to post it here tomorrow. I am finding that the cooler weather is slowing the drying time down quite a lot. Partly this is a good thing as in the summer at over 40c, it was drying quick enough to crack. Now I do have to wait a few days for a painting to be dry enough to photograph without getting a glare from the wet paint.

The other problem for me and this cold weather is that I suffer from very cold hands. At the risk of looking like an extra from Oliver, I think I am going to have to find myself some fingerless gloves to paint in. I do actually have a lovely friend here who crochets………I may see if she could make me a pair. Oh dear, I had always planned on becoming a crazy old woman, but I fear that day may have already arrived. I will be at my easel, stitches in my face from my latest fall, wearing my new fluffy pink slippers , my Spain apron, and my fingerless crochet gloves……nice; nothing too strange there then.

At least the light levels are still very high. This is a definite plus for any artists living in spain. Even through most of the winter the light levels are wonderful. Bright blue skys almost every single day. The levels only really drop on the days when it is raining or about to rain. And take a look at this:

Pine trees

Pine trees

These pines are beautiful on even the coldest of days. Another reason why I love living here so much.

So, a day of painting again, starting in a few hours, when the air is warmer. Followed, I think, by a walk down to the house of my friend who can crochet. A pink pair would be nice, to go with my slippers…..

Have a good Monday everyone,

Judy xxx


About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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One Response to Cold, cold Monday.

  1. jav3d says:

    Thanks Judy, looking forward to your new painting.

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