New painting, and new style.

Finger painting

I have just had the sort of accident more associated with someone of her age. Seen here finger painting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My new painting is started, and is now well on it´s way. I didn´t finish painting until quite late last night. I think it was about 2am before I decided to go off to bed. Usually a sign that I´m enjoying that particular painting.  This one is a completely different style to anything I have done before, so it has caught my imagination and the composition is developing as I go along. Not the best way to go about things, but it does make a change.


A friend, after viewing my abstract work “The Dream” suggested that I paint something angry next time; and this is what I set out to do. It´s not what is happening though, and the painting seems to be taking off  in a completely different direction. It not abstract, although it does have abstract elements to it. Art should come up with a new word for art work which is a mix of styles. Maybe it already has, if you know the word, drop a line here. I probably shouldn´t say anymore about my work in progress; there is a very high chance that it will change again before it is finished.  Even I am not entirely sure how it will work out.I´m hoping to have it completed by tomorrow. If it is, I´ll post it here, probably on Monday morning.


I managed to do a lot of hours painting yesterday despite falling over getting a deep cut alongside  of my eye. It´s now stitched and I will have to wait for 12 days before the stitches are removed. This is the sort of accident that is more often associated with children. It does make me feel a bit of a fool each time I have to say “I fell over”. Everybody has been very kind in wishing me a speedy healing, but there is always that underlying smile; you fell over? How?  It´s just not the sort of thing that is normally associated with anyone over the age of two. I´ve actually been doing a lot of falling over lately, I blame the slippery sidewalks although I did also fall over in the house once this past week – with my expensive Sony laptop in my hands, which now rattles. I´ll be taking it to the repair shop next week, I hope I haven´t killed it.


So, my plan for today is to try not to move my head too much, following my babyish accident, and to get my new painting finished. I am trying to get as much done as I can, before this wave of enthusiasm wears off, and I spend a few days playing online and eating chocolate…….mmmmmm, tempting.


Have a good beginning to your weekend everyone,


Judy xxx


About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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