Art and growth.

English: Abstract Art, Three-dimensional space...

English: Abstract Art, Three-dimensional space interpretation of human cognition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wow! Thank you all for your comments and likes here, on fb and by email. My new painting has had so many good things said about it. I´m wondering if it spoke to many of you at a subconscious level, as it did to me too.

It was only when I looked at the painting later that I realized just how much was in it when I really looked. As you know, I was simply reproducing exactly what I saw in my dream, and as the day wore one, it amazed even me with the secrets it still held. This painting was saying far, far more than even I, as the artist , had initially understood.

A friend of mine, familiar with analysis of dreams, emailed me with an amazingly accurate description of where I was now, and how I felt – and a big thanks for that, especially for giving your opinion privately; I don´t want to be giving too much away……

This is a new area for me, and one I have not explored before. I am familiar with the idea of abstract art being the visual voice of our experience of the world, and indeed of our dreams, but the dream concept is not something I have explored before. As an artist, this gives me a whole new area, and I´m feeling quite excited about it. We all know that mood can and does affect the way we paint, just think Vincent Van Gough, whom I love – but by painting my dreams I am attempting to paint the world as seen by the unconscious me; the real me, without the ego getting in the way.

This is definitely something that I will be returning to in the future. meanwhile, strangely, I do not have the urge to immediately paint another dream work. It is as if “The Dream” piece has done its work for the time being, and the urge to express my dream has passed; until next time. I have already made a start on my next painting, and I´m quite content that it is something different.

For me, this week has been a week of pushing boundaries; a week of discovering new things about myself; about becoming more confident in believing in myself and how I relate to the world. It is no wonder to me that I have also felt very much more creative this week, and my energy levels have been quite high.

It has definitely been a week of growth for me, and that has been very pleasing, so all the wonderful comments about my new art work “The Dream” really helped to let me know I am on the right path , both in my life and with my art.

Certainly I have stood my ground this week on a few important issues in my life, and drawn some new boundaries around what is and what is not acceptable to me. I´m not sure if this has given me more confidence to paint in a way that I want to, or the painting itself is the thing that is giving me more confidence to be my own person in the world.

Whichever way it is, it is really nice to be having this period of growth and I am thankful that, as an artist, I have this wonderful tool at my disposal to help me with the journey. And life itself is indeed just one long journey; a time not just to develop our skills and talents, but to become ever closer to the person we were born to be ; to become everything we can become. In other words, to become our real selves.

In my opinion, this is a task that becomes easier as you get older, and I know the teenage me would not have been able to face this task at all – the opinions of others were much too important to me. So, another good reason for me to feel pleased that I am now older, if not yet wiser; I´m working on it, and my art will benefit too.

Have a great Friday everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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