My new painting: The Dream.

The Dream. Oil on Canvas

Here it is folks, my new painting “The Dream”, it’s on a large canvas painted with oils. I´m so pleased it´s completed; it is just like the large areas of colours that have been in my dreams; the swirls and connections; the enormity of the space ; and somewhere in there, I exist; hanging on without really understanding; looking without knowing……but feeling connected and belonging at the same time. It has really expressed the feelings that have come up during the past few night while this dream has repeated itself. I´d be really interested in hearing what it means to you when you look at it. Do you too recognise something in this art that is meaningful to you? I love the way abstract art can feel so right for two people, even when what they are feeling can be completely different.  I will be taking the  high quality photo for uploading to my art site once the paint is dry.

Now I am ready for a new art work. Just as it felt right to paint another abstract last time, I do have the urge to paint something different now. I still have two of the three lovely large canvasses I managed to buy, so its going to be another large picture. Maybe a flower, partly abstract, not sure yet. Maybe a person or two; I´ll write this blog and do my online work. Hopefully something will have formed itself in my mind by then. Sometimes the trick is to stop consciously thinking about it, and let the subconscious , the real you, do it´s stuff. Interesting.

I also took my commissioned piece over to its new owner yesterday, a little too soon, as I got quite a bit of paint on me, no matter how careful I was to avoid this. Thankfully, there didn´t seem to be any damage done. I just hope they hang it right away and keep it out of harms way. It´s a lovely piece, not entirely what I would have chosen myself, but I can see that it will look very nice indeed in the place they want to put it. And most important of all, they are happy with it, and it is just what they asked for. I rarely get asked to paint something so specific, but it did make the process easier.

Later today I am taking collection of my nice new sewing machine, so finally I will be able to get on with the bag which I have promised my friend since the summer. I have actually cut out the pieces, but they have sat on my table for about two months now. The machine I had just wasn´t going play fair; it would stitch and start until I gave up. I think it was what it wanted. So later today, the beginnings ( I hope) of both a bag and a painting. I´ll start the painting first , I think.

I´m hoping this weeks enthusiasm will be with me for a while yet, I really do have a few projects that I would like to get on with, and my quilting is still embarrassingly behind. With my daughters both arriving this coming weekend, there won´t be much in the way of work done then. It will be more a case of dusting off the cooker and making a few meals. I´m really looking forward to them coming over. Sometimes it is nice to have other people around; someone to chat to whilst you are still in your pj´s. Someone to share the toast. I love hearing all their news too.

So another good reason to get on with lots of work over the next two days;  it will give me a great weekend off  to enjoy the girls again for a while. Can´t think of a better push to get me up and working.

Have a good Thursday everyone,

Judy xxx









About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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2 Responses to My new painting: The Dream.

  1. jav3d says:

    Awesome painting Judy!
    I like how the shapes are so… undefined and yet sharp at the same time, just like in a dream.

  2. Thanks very much for your kind words, Jav xxx

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