My dream painting.

Henri Matisse, The Yellow Curtain, 1915. With ...

Henri Matisse, The Yellow Curtain, 1915. With his Fauvist color and drawing Matisse comes very close to pure abstraction. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wednesday has arrived, and my enthusiasm that I have felt this  week is still with me. No matter that the temperature has really dropped now, and I was actually cold even inside my house yesterday, my mood is relaxed and positive. I have made a start on my new art work – and as I suspected, it is an abstract. I´m painting it on a large canvas, which when turned long-ways up, is as big as my easel can comfortably handle without me having to paint the lower parts of it whilst on my knees. I´m painting an image which has repeated itself to me over and over again in dreams over the past few nights, strangely though it has no dark part to it. I knew I would not be able to rest until I´d painted it. It actually feels that once I have painted it, I will understand it more or at the very least move on.

This is the first time I have felt so driven to paint a particular piece, and for it to have come from a dream is even more unusual for me. This is definitely a new experience, and I want to paint the images I can remember when I wake up. Working on this painting has felt a little like painting a portrait. I know exactly what it should look like, so there has been a little moving of colours and positions until it feels as if it look the same as the image in my mind. What a strange concept; it will be  an abstract art in the world, and a representational painting to me. I am so enjoying this new experience, and pleased that I followed my instinct to paint it.

I had worried that having just painted an abstract I should do something in a different style. Maybe that is why I am feeling so enthusiastic this week? I have made a very conscious decision to paint what I want to paint, and ignore all the little voices in my mind that whisper you should do this; you shouldn´t do that. It´s quite a liberating feeling. For me , I think it follows on from a general feeling I have as I get older. I´m much more inclined to do my own thing now, and take the view that if it harms nobody else, how I live my life is completely up to me. I certainly don´t feel either the internal nor the social constraints that I felt when I was young.

I have almost reached, but not quite, a point now where I can sense that I am more or less free to do whatever I want. My children are grown; if I wanted to move to South America I could – I do actually like the idea; if I want to stay in bed I will and if I want to paint my dream I´ll do that too.  I realize now  that all these options were always open to me;  it just seemed to take a long time for that understanding to arrive.

So here I am, with my painting more than half way through. I want to try to get it finished today so that I can show it to you all tomorrow. This is my day for my quilting group too, so I will spend a few hours sewing with my friends. Apart from that I am wanting to paint  as much as I can today.

Must also remember a few practical things too; if I forget to put the gas bottles out again, I will be cold again today. Must also phone the wood man for a nice supply of firewood. Absolutely nothing like a log fire to help me forget that the temperature seems  to be dropping by the hour now. Hopefully I will be warm and cosy in time to watch the first snowfalls which are due this weekend.

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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