What to paint now?

The Railway Crossing, 1919, oil on canvas, 53....

The Railway Crossing, 1919, oil on canvas, 53.8 x 64.8 cm, The Art Institute of Chicago (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My most recent abstract. What to paint now?

Yesterday I needed to be away in the morning at the seriously early hour of 8am, and returned after lunch time. So no blog or online work done, but I did return feeling quite bouncy and in the mood for some work.  I´m still really pleased that I put in a lot of work in the afternoon and evening and painted my commissioned piece.  I´ll send the photo´s to the buyer today. It does feel good to have accomplished so much yesterday. My mood for work seems to still be with me today and I´m going to start on  my new painting today.  I´m still not too sure what it is going to be, but I managed to buy a few large canvases and I want to use one of them.

I´m feeling much more like painting now, after having had a few weeks of having to force myself to start. It´s difficult to know what has made the difference; perhaps, as with so many other things in life, painting too has it´s season. My creativity seems to be at a much higher level lately. I have even started to dream of art; great swirls of colour; patterns and images; shapes of all sorts, often very bright and with black backgrounds. A little bit like long overnight tutorials. This is something I have not experienced before. It does feel as if I am in a place where I am more connected to art , and that feels good. It has actually lifted my mood too. I´m not good at winters, and snow is forecast for this weekend. I may live in Spain, but I live in the Málaga mountains, so while an hour away people may be wearing t-shirts, I´ll be turning up the heat. But even  the coming of some snow has not dampened my enthusiasm for painting and this winter I´m  feeling more contented and in the mood for work than I have felt for many winters.

My commissioned piece was relatively straight forward;  the buyers were very specific about what they wanted, even with the colours and the subject and so it was fairly easy to get on with it . Today however I can choose  my new painting myself.  I´m very tempted to paint another abstract piece and I already have some compositions in my mind;   I got a great idea from one of my overnight art dreams for an abstract piece. I do love abstract art, especially done on large canvases. It´s  my favourite style of painting, but on the other hand I  feel as if I should try to paint something in a slightly different style each time.I   don´t really know if this is a good idea or not. I always feel that if I´ve just painted an abstract I should do something different the next time,but even as I write that here, I    can´t think why I have made this rule for myself. Maybe really what I should do is just go with the flow more, and paint whatever I´m inspired to paint. I want to enjoy  the challenge and the excitement of painting. Too many self imposed rules will take that away.

So, after my online work I will do my usual and set up and prime my new canvas. Just by doing this, and getting comfortable with the size of the space which I´m going to paint is often enough for me to know pretty soon what the subject is going to be .But really, I do have a feeling that it´s going to be another abstract painting…..

Enjoy your day everyone,

Judy xxx


About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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