The Art of Connection

The Art of Connecting

It´s been a little while now since I  began blogging. Long enough to reflect on how it has been for me so far, but not quite long enough yet to know how it will all pan out. Maybe I will never really get to know that part completely;  so far I do get the feeling that it is a path I have stepped on with only a small idea of where its going, and how it is all going to end up.

Already I have discovered just how much I enjoy putting my fingers to the keyboard each morning and sharing what ever it is that comes up. I don´t plan what I write, and that way I think you get to read what is most important to me at that moment. Planning my blog seems wrong; it feels a little like writing a short story  when blogging, for me at least, is about being direct, being honest and talking about both the small things and the big things that somehow need to be spoken about now. Sometimes these are small details in my personal life, very often they are connected to my art, and the process of producing art.  But many times I will blog about those social issues which are important to me; the recession, in particular the effect of it upon ordinary men and women; the need to find alternatives to war and the peace movement. Equality and living simply. All these are important to me, and blogging offers an opportunity to add my voice to all the others. I do believe that together we can make an enormous  difference.

Now all of this was pretty much how I expected blogging to be, with the added bonus that it focuses my mind and I actually enjoy this additional creative outlet in my life. But yesterday I became very aware of another bonus to blogging too, which strangely I had given little thought to before; other bloggers.

This may seem quite an extraordinary confession. Did I think I was the first one here? Not at all, I had been as aware as the next person that there were thousands of people firing up their laptops each day and discussing, arguing, describing and making us laugh. What I had not given great amounts of thought to was the astonishing amount of talent that was out there. Everything from great literary writings about both worldly and private matters; humourous writing that has you laughing from the first sentence; thoughtful blogs, painful to read blogs. Artists, photographers………breathtaking amounts of talent and intelligence, all freely given and shared. I have read more truth here in a month or so than I have read in a very long time indeed.

And among the gems that I came across yesterday in my wanderings through blogland, was a poem, so powerful and honest, that I actually thought about it on and off for the rest of the entire day. I don´t remember the last time I was so touched by a piece of poetry, and I´m going to reproduce it here with a huge thank you to Cheryl Moore who wrote it: You can see the original post here : The Ex

The Ex

You were spontaneously mechanical

Slipping effortlessly between love and cruelty

A disorientating kaleidoscope

Of emotional numbness and flattering compensation

Predictably, I hoped for something better

In you I saw a dream, a release from this life

Changing myself to fit your expectation,

To prevent rejection, to plan a future

I became another woman

But, you abused her

So she turned back into herself and

Once released, I stole back my dream

With talent like that to read and be inspired by everyday, blogging has opened my eyes to a whole new group of people with whom  I am pleased to interact. It has also reminded me that everywhere, not just on the internet, people are capable of greatness. We are surrounded by people who care about the wrongs in the world, people who think deeply about current issues and are concerned and involved. People who are creative, compassionate and interested in the world around them, and the suffering of others.

What a wonderful thing to be reminded of. The big news channels and the papers would give us the idea that the world is full of strange and violent people. That greedy and lazy people caused the current economic crisis: War is the only way to go if we are to be safe. Only one side (the side that suits their own needs) is ever told about anything.

But here we are, bloggers and non bloggers. We care greatly about others and our world, with courage, talent and intelligence so many are making their voices heard.For all the faults of some ordinary people and many leaders, most human beings  are still good and compassionate , and all have something great to offer. What a lovely thought that is.

Have a good day everyone,

Judy  xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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  1. cherylmoore says:

    Thank you, Judy x Cheryl

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