Times and time.

My new quilt square, ready to sew.

So here we all are, arrived at another Wednesday. How quickly the days and weeks seem to pass by. Is it an age thing? Probably. Compared with how I felt as a child, time seems to have moved up a gear or two. Now the only time I experience the slooooow time of childhood is when       I´m waiting for the kettle to boil. At the other end of the time scale is the early morning time, when I´m trying to get my online work done and write my blog;  9 til 11 or 12 seems to move along at quite a pace. I swear that the morning lasts only about 10 minutes or so on some days . But even excluding  those two extremes, the weeks and months do seem to stack up behind me like till receipts in my purse, ever-growing and with giving me little time to process what has happened.

There have been some events so important in my life that I have wished that time could have just stood still, and held me there. Forever. That beautiful life changing moment when my baby daughter was held for the first time; the day we spent walking along a frozen canal and breaking the ice with sticks when she was three years old. Beautiful, wonderful moments that have moved along seemingly following a rule of physics which did not care about giving me anywhere near the amount of time I wanted to linger there.

I spoke with my now grown daughter via Skype last evening. My little girl is a long drive away now, working  and living in a big city with all its attractions, and her own life to lead. And I´m pleased that she has made it to a functional and happy adulthood……but there    isn´t much I wouldn´t give to go back all those years and spend again that winter’s day at the canal with her.

So here we are, Wednesday, and half way through another week. I have another painting to begin, maybe  today but more likely tomorrow.  Those of you who read my blog regularly already know that I go to my quilting group today. I have my square cut out and ready to sew ; I will make a serious effort to get it finished within a time scale which does not embarrass me. My friends seem to turn up each week with their quilts having obviously been worked on for many hours since we last met. Mine, to my shame, sits unloved on my table in between meetings. I use the time to paint, but I really do want to get down to a little more quilting too. I find it very relaxing to sit and hand sew, and I adore hand-made quilts. I fear that I will be a very old lady before I get to enjoy mine.

Maybe I should paint a picture of my quilt square, or make a quilt of one of my paintings; now there´s an idea, multi tasking at its very best…….. Ok, I do have to admit that my habit of staying in bed for the majority of the morning – if not all of it – does give me slightly shorter days than most of you have, although I do tend to work late. I have tried mornings in the past, and I have found that I really don´t like them. Only during the years of raising children did I get up early, and I did seem to get used to it. But the very moment the last child left, my alarm clock was thrown out , my pillows were puffed up  and I returned to the habits of my teen age years. For me there just isn´t a nicer way to start your day than a few hours propped up in a comfortable warm bed, working on the laptop and drinking coffee……..it´s one of the few compensations I have for no longer having children at home.

But honestly, even that joy would be gladly abandoned if God would grant me just one more day back walking along that icy canal again…

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx


About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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