My new Painting: The Cave at the Shore

The Cave at the Shore.

Here is my new art work, and I hope you enjoy it. In this painting I had really wanted to paint how the beach made me feel and not how it looked. I wanted to capture some of the blistering heat, the hot sand, the stillness of the water. The mirage effect of the heat, and the patterns of the shells. I wanted  to show the brightness, the shapes and the peace that being at the shore means to me, and I am pleased with the result: A lovely reminder of the few days I managed to get down to the coast this past summer.

I love the coast when it´s hot; the baking sand that makes me run shouting Ouch, ouch, as I hop over it towards the water, wishing   I´d remembered to put something on my feet. I love laying on the sand and looking out towards the horizon, with its very slight arch, and the shimmer of the sun on the water. I love rooting through the sand and finding tiny  stones of so many different colours. But mostly I love the feeling of absolute peace that I feel as I rest on the warm sand, and the feeling of the world, solid and safe beneath me.

For me it seems to make no difference if I am on a beautiful secluded beach, or on a beach packed with families enjoying a day out. Even being surrounded by the squeaky sounds of small children joyfully playing pleases me. And the people watching opportunities are to die for. I once watched a very old and deeply tanned couple walking along the shore line hand in hand. How long had they been together? It seemed to me that it had been a very long time indeed; and what a love story they must have to tell. They were possibly in their seventies………maybe fifty years married; now that would be one of the greatest love stories ever.

And all the young people, the girls looking pretty in their bikinis and the young men in floral shorts,  enjoying their day out and eyeing each other when they think they are not being watched. Still young enough to have their whole adult lives ahead of them. But  really it is the children who fascinate me the most. Will these little people remember the lovely hot day they spent on the beach? Babies engrossed in poring water back and forth between two brightly coloured buckets, safely sitting with their parents beneath big striped umbrellas. Older children fetching water, to mix with the sand to make their sand castles stand upright. Mums and dads hunting for shells with their children as if shells were the greatest treasures on earth; and when you are small, they are the greatest treasures on earth.

On both sorts of beach, I throw down my towel, arrange myself on it in just the right way so that my toes are on the warm sand and relax. Really , really relax, in the silence or in the noise…….it makes no difference; the feel of the sand, the views.  Even just one day on the beach can feel like a holiday.

And this was what I wanted to capture in my picture. Summer may be gone now, and I really didn´t get down to the coast as often as I wanted to………but this painting is about the times I did get there, and how wonderful it made me feel.

So here I am, it´s almost at the end on November, and it’s going to be months before the floor is too hot to stand on again; it’s going to be months before I even dare remove my jumper. I know that many people love the shoreline in the winter, but it´s not for me. It just doesn’t feel the same at all. For me it is all about the pleasure of the warmth, and the cooling down in the sea. It’s all about the blue, blue sky and  the shimmer on the water. It’s just not the same when you have to wear a coat. Although I bet the dog would love it…….

Enjoy your day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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3 Responses to My new Painting: The Cave at the Shore

  1. jav3d says:

    There’s something about this painting that instantly caught my eye, but can’t put my finger on it.
    Perhaps its the way the circles/spheres are done which look very familiar to the ones in my painting called “The Sixth Element” except that, I use acrylics.

    Wonderful work with a great composition!

  2. jav3d says:

    Now I read the complete post too and have to say, I can so much relate to you on that peace and calm and utter bliss of a carefree day on the beach. Your descriptions of people, especially children were very apt, greatly enjoyed.

    But now I feel a bit nostalgic with dark grey clouds out of the window.
    Anyways, greetings from a very cold Tallinn : )

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