Try to paint on rainy days.

Make artwork while the sun doesn´t shine. Taken this morning. Yuk.

Yesterday I took another day off. For no other reason than it was sunny, and it has been raining for days, and I felt like a walk.  I´m so glad I did; it´s raining again today, and thundering too. The dog is curled up on his blanket in a tight little ball which is his way of saying he´s cold, and you can forget the walk today, girl, thank you very much but I´m not moving.

I can´t say that I disagree with him, nothing makes me want to say inside more than rain. I must have a few cat genes in me, because I absolutely hate getting wet – unless the water is hot, I have plenty of shower gel and the water pressure is having a good day.

The rain seems to be getting heavier as I type,  and I have the feeling that my front door will remain unused, possibly for the entire day. Good job too, because during my wanderings in the sun yesterday I snapped up the only two decent sized canvases in the local shop – and I´m itching to put some paint on the larger one. Lots of painting is going to get done today.

My system of working on everyday I have free seems to be holding out as a good idea. I worked over the past weekend, and I have no worries about taking sunny days off as and when they appear;  “Make hay whilst the sun shines”. All those old sayings were so, so true…..what made all those old people so smart?

Did they know something that we don´t know anymore? It´s not like they had a better work/life balance; in the days before unions, and well,  even before normal  fairness, they were worked to the bone. Did you know that English domestic servants were expected to work from 5am until 10pm at night, with no set days off, and no holidays. How on earth they managed anything resembling a proper life I don´t know. And what about their employers……shame on them for exploiting their staff so badly.

I am not one to believe in “the good old days”, not at all. I grew up in the late fifties and sixties. Workers had few if any rights, and the daily lives of most people were filled with very hard work, and for very long hours. So how come they were so good at all these lovely old quotes that we still use today?  Some are obvious – a stitch in time saves nine; Indeed, and when you are expected to repair all your employers clothes, soft furnishings and bedding as well as your own, its something you would have learned pretty quickly.

Mind you, I think their employers made most of them up, or quoted convenient bits from the bible – the devil makes use of idle hands; way to go, Mr Employer, frighten the poor little maid into working 22 hour days. Or how about “Don´t bite the hand that feeds you”  Yes, little lazy maid, object to anything and you´ll be getting even skinnier……….

Not that the church didn´t do its bit to keep the slaving classes slaving. Don´t covet, for example. Well that’s going to be a whole lot easier for the rich than the poor isn´t it, unless the Lady of the house has a secret liking for a pair of smelly old work shoes laced to above the ankles. The lord of the house of course, much like the very rich of today, was best friends with the priest, and it was usually the maid, not her boots that he coveted. If she complained, her master could deny it, and the priest could remind her about forgiveness. Anyway, if she fell pregnant, either one of them could have her committed. For life.

No, I´m not a great believer in “the good old days”. Ok kids got to play in the streets, and they actually loved sugar sandwiches, but really, that doesn´t balance all the badness there was in the world back then.

Here I am in a world that has moved on, but only in some areas. It still has a long, long way to go. At least I can now take an ancient saying “Make hay whilst the sun shines” and make it work for me, not an abusive employer. Some things have improved, but lets never forget that we  have a mountain to climb before this world is anywhere near to being truly good for everyone.

Enjoy the beginning of your weekend everyone.

Judy xx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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