What have they told you?

Re-examine all you have been told…..

Yesterday, a fellow blogger wrote about how putting her words down daily here in the strange and wide open land of blogs helped to motivate her and make her feel more positive. I must say that this has been my experience too. When you commit to writing something everyday     it´s a big commitment. You are saying to anyone who happens to stumble upon your blog,  I´m here, this is what I write about; these are the things that are important to me, and I want to share them with you.   And I take that commitment seriously. Blogging gives me a chance to share what is important to me; to talk about my art, social issues that I care about, injustice, people…….just what I have said on the box really. It also gives me a creative outlet, and helps me keep on track with my other love, painting.

So when you come along and take the time to read through my blog I´m not only pleased but motivated and encouraged . I want you come away from here feeling not only that you have had a good read, but encouraged, or thoughtful, or on occasions even laughing. After all, this is the stuff of our lives; the serious, the worrying, the loving, the funny……these are the things we all share; these are the things that we all have and are important to us all.

I believe that we really are much more alike that we often suppose; the differences between us are very small indeed when compared with what we have in common. We all want to be happy, valued, in control of our lives, loved, have friends, be safe. The differences, I believe, are magnified and sometimes even generated out of nothing by the media, by religion, by politicians.

Take religion for example: A Catholic and a Muslim are poles apart right? Isn´t that the impression we get from the papers, from politicians, from the pope himself? Oh yeah, well  I´ve got some news: A catholic and a Muslim are both people; they want the freedom to worship their God in their own way. In my opinion, they are actually worshiping the same God but by different routes, and by another name.  Whatever  label we put on ourselves , we´re all going to end up in the same place. So, back to the Catholic and the Muslim; what else would these people have in common? Just about everything else you can think about……family, worry about their jobs, supporting their children; thinking about how they are going to spend the weekend. In other words just like all the rest of us.

So why the division?  This is my opinion:  There are several groups on this planet (this is not limited to any particular country) that have various reasons for wanting to be in control of everyone else. Whether they are pushing for religion, oil or land,  it all comes down to one thing and one thing only  – they are the sort of people who love power and have long learned the truth of divide and conquer. By the very fact they seek public office, they are often driven by a great need to control and or make a great deal of money.

Now to achieve that, their true agenda has to be hidden. Can you imagine an election campaign which was honest? “Hey guys vote for me, I used to love controlling my family, and to control a whole nation, wow, I´d feel great!” or “Vote for me, and I´ll care more for the needy in our society, not really, hahahahaha…..but this huge organisation is going to pay me billions if I get in an legislate for a few things which would be helpful to them!”

Well, its pretty obvious most people would be appalled, so they cover themselves. We all know their tricks, their lies, their need to be in power. But the single most awful thing they do to us is they set us one against the other. What proof do we have that any religious or other group is out to get us? It’s the people in power that use this, for their own agenda.

And the real horror here, the real sadness, is when ordinary men and women meet each other in war, and realise after all that they are not just pawns in a rich mans game, but that they are really all the same. All people, all victims.

And this is what blogging does. It gives ordinary men and women a voice. A voice not controlled by the big news stations or government. A voice, that although small can and will be heard by others.

Have a good and peaceful day everyone.

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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