That´s better….

Heartfelt thanks

Wednesday morning, and I am pleased to be able to tell you that I have woken up feeling very much more positive, and ready to work. I will continue with my painting today, and hopefully in a few days it will be posted here for you to see.

I´ve always wondered at the ability of a good nights sleep to change both your mood and perspective overnight – just what is it that goes on whilst you are asleep? We all know we go though various stages of sleep during the night……but do I really need an hour or two of believing I am riding an elephant through the supermarket with my dog in the saddle beside me? It seems I do, because after a nice long sleep and a few bizarre dreams I´m up and ready to go.  Well, when I say “up” I really mean just awake. Those that know me know perfectly well  that apart from fetching cups of coffee, my feet rarely touch the floor before 11am. Later, if I´m in the mood.

It´s not that I´m staring at the walls for those extra hours I´m in bed; I actually get all my online work done. It suits me, I´m comfortable, I´m warm;  I just  love my bed . I love the softness of it, the slight messiness of it, the familiarity. It´s the one place on earth where I feel completely relaxed , and because of this I seem to do my work better propped up on a few pillows beneath a small mountain of blankets and a duvet. Only later , when I have finished my work will I venture out of my bed and start the second part of my day.

I think my dog likes it too. We take a small walk at around 7am- 8am. He looking swish in his lovely short brown coat that he was born with. Me looking like the bag lady of Andalucía; flip-flops (or boots if its raining) pj´s, a coat. Only rarely do we pass anyone else, and when we do they always smile. Can´t think why…….

On our return to the house the dog has breakfast, I have a coffee…….and back to bed we go. Or rather, back to bed I go. He has been banished to a blanket on the floor after trying to take over the entire bed one night, going as far as trying to share the pillow with me. Nose to snout? I don´t think so.

So here I am,  feeling pretty good today and with a feeling that I will be getting a lot done. It´s also my quilt group this afternoon, and I have a rather cute little square I would like to get completed. If I remember, I´ll take a photo.

And finally today I´d like to say an enormous thank you to all of you who responded to my post “A new painting, and a new week”.  The recession, it´s causes and the suffering of ordinary people is something I feel passionate about. I am daily surrounded by real poverty, real pain, real injustice. It´s hard to watch a family being thrown out of their home, parents and children in tears, by a bank which will then simply hold the unsaleable house – possibly for years. This is a disaster visited upon us by the banks. And as for governments taking “austerity measures”, don´t even get me started. When you have lost your home, lost your job, can´t pay your bills or feed your children just where are you supposed to cut back? And lets not forget,  there isn´t a government anywhere that   doesn´t manage to pay billions on it´s defense (and wars)  They also allow the very richest individuals and the very largest organisations to pay no tax at all.  If austerity really will pull us all out of recession – and I have my doubts – then I know where I would be making big cuts……….and it wouldn´t be by trying to give less to the very people who have already been forced to pay the price of the greed of others.

So thank you all for you emails and messages about this subject. It is very close to my heart…….and from the feedback I have had, it is pretty close to your hearts as well.

Have a good day everyone,

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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  1. Hey sweetie from a girlyreader keep up the wicked website

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