As above, so below ; it works both ways.

Inspiration is a strange thing; for a start, where exactly does it come from? At times it seems as if it simply arrives, on its own, without any help from us. And I say seems, because I don´t actually believe that this is where inspiration does come from. I am inclined to believe that our thoughts send out powerful signals to the universe, and the universe in turn does all it can to turn those thoughts into reality. For those of you with no belief in God, this will mean a powerful and benevolent universe, which seeks to conspire to help us. For me, as a strong believer in God, the power we are talking about here is the power of God himself; surrounding us and aiding us. But, and this is a big but, we have to ask first. It’s as if when you move towards God, he moves towards you……but he waits for you to be ready; Ignore him, and that power seems to move away.

So , whether you name this power God, as I do, or give it some other name, we do seem to be surrounded by something immeasurably great which not only impacts upon us, but we are also able to influence it. It´s a two-way thing.  I´m sure you´ve all noticed that when you are in a positive mood everything seems to go well; change your mood, become depressed or tired, and things start to go wrong.  We are actually changing events around us with our thoughts. This is such a profoundly important fact that it gives us an incredible tool to use in our lives.

I know that the idea of “positive thinking” has been around for a long while now, but it appears to me that only in the past few years are people really beginning to understand exactly what this  means, and it is way more awesome than was first thought. For you non believers, not only is the universe able to change events, but you, through the power of your  thoughts, can change what is going on around and inside of you.

For me as a Quaker, this means  that the greatness and power of God that surrounds me, is also inside  me. If I don´t let negative thoughts get in the way, the power both within and without can come together. That of God inside me can connect to the external God…….and when this happens, not only does inspiration occur, but almost anything is possible. Anything at all. It´s a wonderful thought, and gives us real control over the outcome of our own lives.

So, yesterday I planned on starting my new painting. I primed the canvas, then I stared at it. Nothing. Not a hint of inspiration. I decided to take the dog for a walk, which was fun as I love walking. Even more fun now  that the forest is enjoying a second spring after the long hot summer. However, once I returned home, my poor canvas was still sitting forlornly on the easel without so much as a spot of paint on it. Inspiration was just not happening.

It was only very much later in the day that I realised what the problem was. All day, at the back of my mind I had been worrying about two issues I have in my life right now. Neither big, nor very important really, but enough to play on my mind………and this was the block. Instead of being relaxed and connected, I was preoccupied without actually being aware of it, and it blocked all inspiration.

Now today, once I have finished my online work, I plan on a quiet meditation  to get myself into a relaxed and more positive place again. A friend is coming around later and I have a few things which need to be organised……I will try to remember to be aware of any negative thoughts or vague worries and make a conscious effort to think of something positive.  In this way I will come to know what I am going to paint next: Inspiration will return. And the really good news is that we are all able to influence our lives in this very positive way,  all it takes is remembering that this is possible.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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