My new painting, and a new week.

Single White Flower

Despite taking a rather relaxed view of work this week I have completed my painting “Single White Flower” and I hope you enjoy it. I had held this painting in my mind for a week or so and was really looking forward to creating it. Quite different colours to my last art work too, which always makes it more interesting for me to paint.

So here we are, arrived at the start of a new week. And what to do with it?  I will paint another canvas, but as of this moment I don´t have a clear idea of the subject -I´m hoping for a little inspiration as the day goes on. I know many of you will be starting your week at work (and reading my blog at the same time, good on you!) Others will be at home with children, retired, or at home because they are unemployed.

And it´s this last group to whom I would like to speak  now: Being unemployed and wanting or more often needing a job is definitely one of the most difficult situations someone can find themselves in. If there are children to support, or a mortgage and other bills to pay the worry is  immense. I´ve struggled several times in my life to balance the books and eat at the same time; there isn´t much good that can be said about it. In Spain, in Andalucía, the unemployment rate amongst the younger workers now stands at 40%. This is the group most likely to have a large mortgage and small children.

So what to do? Fill out application forms for jobs all day? Take a job you hate just to put food on the table?  Sometimes we have to, children need to eat. But if you take this route try to make it as temporary as possible. If even this route isn´t open to you then I hope today´s post will go a little way to inspiring you, and giving you a little hope.

If outside employment just isn´t on the cards for you, here are a few things to remember: If you lose your house, shame on the bank that took it. You didn´t cause the recession (unless you are a banker) Don´t feel ashamed, feel angry. Get involved in organisations which are fighting for this kind of economic disaster to never happen again. Get involved in organisations who are fighting to bring the perpetrators to justice. It won´t save your house, but it will save your pride and sanity.

The other thing to do is this: Escape the system as far as you can, even if one day you would really like a “regular” job again. Turn any outside space you may have over to the production of food. Ignore your neighbours. They can go to work to pay for food, you´re taking the smart way; you´re growing yours. Plus your food will be organic, fresh and not genetically modified. Think of your green credentials too, you´re looking good friend.

If your house hasn´t already been stolen by your bank, think of downsizing. Find something which is big enough for you all, and with a little growing space outside. Look around your home, anything you haven´t used in a year can be sold. Learn to cut each others hair. In other words, simplify. I can tell you, it took me years to work this one out. Live a life which is both comfortable and simple. You will be surprised by how little you actually need, and things, as we all know, have very little to do with how happy you are.

Don´t buy new. This is something I rarely do. I have what I need in my home, it looks pretty much like the furniture everyone else has, but I paid way , way less for it. Make things, make throws, even make the furniture if you have the ability. If you don´t, borrow a book and learn………you´ll end up less bored and unhappy about your unemployment, plus you´ll have a nice table too.

Discover if there are ways you can make money doing whatever it is you love to do. Do you paint, sew, produce craft work, do woodwork, play music……..the list is endless and it is perfectly possible to make your living this way. I do, and thousands of others do. I paint. I love to paint, and it earns me enough to keep going. I don´t live like a queen, but I have everything I need and due to living simply, I do not have to work every hour God has given me. My life goal is to be happy, not work like a slave;  simple living has made this possible.

So, don´t feel without hope. You don´t have a job, you may have bills piling up, but you do have hope; you do have a way out. When you´ve finished reading this, do an internet search on simple living : be inspired, you are worth it.

Have a good and productive day everyone.

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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