No more rain needed.

The rain yesterday

Finally ,  after a whole day of worrying about having another flood, the rain has stopped and the sun has come out. As a town, we are still at the stage of anxiously watching both the sky and the river every time it rains. It takes a little time to relax after a very bad flood and most of us are not there yet.  Each heavy rainfall brings with it a flurry of concerned Facebook posts as we ask friends and neighbours if they are ok. A few friends have muddy fields and tracks again, and the river close to the house of a friend broke its bank and caused her problems again. The river which runs through the town got very, very high and the village next to us was badly flooded for the second time. So we were not entirely worrying for nothing. Some people did, unfortunately, suffer for a second time yesterday.

By late afternoon the rain had stopped, and everyone began to believe that this time all but a few of us would be safe. I too worried; I checked my storm drain, made sure electrical things were put up high, made sure the gullies and pipes were clear………like everyone else, I´m still on a bit of a war footing; we all need just a little more time to feel more confident that all will be ok. A little more time before it rains, and we simply put up an umbrella and go about our day as usual.

This morning the sun is shinning, and it looks set to be a dry day. I expect that as time passes and the winter progress more or less as normal, we will all stop being so fixated on the weather forecasts too , and the fear of flooding will recede with the last of the flood waters themselves. Already, much of the damage from last months flood has been repaired, but a few essential storm drains and such have yet to be cleared by the town hall. My own is still regularly covered with mud after each rain, as the slope on the forest above it needs to be completely cleared with a machine. Not too sure how they are going to manage this as it is so steep that it is probably dangerous to work on. Maybe this is why the town hall has yet to come up with a solution. Maybe they don´t have enough money. Whichever it is, they are not saying.

And I have to admit, that although living on the slope of the pine forest did cause me to flood, I absolutely love living amongst the trees, and hearing the birdsong, seeing the beautiful pines, and watching the sun glitter through them in the evening. Gorgeous view of the whole little town from here too…….so I´m not complaining. And with the flood coming after the worst rainfall in thirty years,  it’s not something that will be happening every year:  It puts everything into a more positive perspective.

So, in between worrying and watching  the rain, I more or less got my new painting done, and I will be finishing it today. The light levels are much better now, and I may be able to photograph my  painting “The Connection” . I´m quite pleased with it, and also pleased to have got on with some work after my impromptu  day off on Thursday. I plan on a quiet day today of painting and relaxing, and if it stays sunny my dog and I will be enjoying a nice long walk through the forest this afternoon.

Enjoy the beginning of your weekend everyone.

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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