Starting again.

Pine forest walk.

With my new artwork completed, and a lot of very positive comments coming in about it, I´m feeling pretty pleased right now. I´ve read the comments, and enjoyed the attention my painting has got from you all, and a very big thank you for that. It’s this sort of feedback that encourages and motivates me…….even on cold and rainy days like today. It certainly adds to the joy of painting.

So now its time to start on the next painting. As much as I´d like to, I cannot spend the whole day basking in the warm comments about my last work.  Yesterday I had intended to start, but in the end I did other things. Not that this is a bad thing; time off is just as important as “time on”, if not more so. I did my online work, and then spent an hour or so pottering amongst my material in readiness for my quilt group. Later I took a long walk through the pine forest with my dog. The rain has bought the forest back to life after the long hot Andalucían summer, and it is now green and vibrant after months of being cool and brown. I actually painted it at the hight of summer, and it´s my photo for today . Absolutely gorgeous; all shades of brown  and providing shelter from the sun ; and peace. That lovely silent peace that forests so often have.

But now it is a different place, filled with the green of new grass and  the smell of damp earth. For the dog it has become necessary to spend his entire walk with his nose to the ground, running after unseen but interesting things that once walked the same path; now only their scent behind, to follow in a zig- zag type of way.  A lovely hour spent, and some exercise taken at the same time.

So I´m ready now for a little more painting. I will get the canvas primed, and make a start. I am still thinking of painting a white flower and have a feeling of wanting to use my large soft round brushes…….a gentle sort of picture, I think: calm and soft. Not that everything always goes to plan of course, but it is with that idea in my mind that I will begin.

I will be starting a little later than usual as I´m joining my friends for lunch today. I´m looking forward to the noise and the fun of it all. We will be having the Menu del día in the lovely restaurant San Juan Maria. A three course lunch, with so many choices that they can even cater for me; a vegetarian and a bit of an oddity here in the land of meat with everything. They do excellent pudding too, and being addicted to most sorts of pudding,  I just know I´m going to have a great time.  I´m expecting a stay of a few hours…..

I will start work as soon as I return. Later than normal starts don´t bother me at all. I enjoy working during the afternoon and evenings, and if I´m in the mood I will work quite late. Oh the joys of keeping your own hours.

Enjoy your day everyone. Until tomorrow…

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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