My painting is ready

The Connection

Yesterday I spoke about following my new painting, and seeing where it led me, and I´m pleased that I made this choice. I now have a painting which expresses (for me) the joy of connection to not only other people but to everything around us. Those sudden moments of pleasure, which Maslow in his  ” Hierarchy of Needs” referred to as “peak experiences” those feelings we get at the very top of the pyramid of our needs;  morality, creativity , spontaneity and an acceptance of the world as it is.

The spikes of paint, and the softness of the butterflies representing both  power and  love, flowing from us and surrounding us at the same time. The open hands of acceptance. And I thank the creativity which was given to me which enabled this painting to happen. I hope you enjoy it too. I have included the “draft” photo of it here today. In a few days, when the paint is dry, I will take the high-resolution photo for uploading to my art site  It will give you a better view of the painting. Hopefully the light levels will be better in a few days too.

Quite a few people have emailed or left messages on my fb page, and I´m enjoying the different perspectives they have on my new artwork… seems to mean something slightly different to each person who views it. This is one of the things I love about abstract art; that is becomes something slightly changed by each viewer – and so becomes many things.In contrast, my next painting, I am almost sure, is going to be a pale, or white flower of some sort. I enjoy the softness of this sort of art, and the attention to shadows. Quite a different technique too, so it’s always interesting to follow with something that can be painted in a contrasting way.

I`m still painting at the front of my house, and dividing my time equally between working and being nosey……which frankly I´m enjoying. It´s making me feel slightly more connected with the rest of the world whilst I work. I may try to organise the house so that this can be a more permanent spot. The main problem being that I have so much art stuff, and when I have finished for the day, I´m not too sure that I still want to be able to see it. Normally, when I am in my studio, I can shut the door at the end of my painting time, and then I am away from art, and I can move on to do something else. Not so easy to do if I can see my easel from the living room…

Today is my quilting group, so I want to get some squares and triangles cut out, so that I actually have something to sew whilst I am there. I must admit though, that I am tempted to just to turn up today and enjoy the general conversation, which is always filled with laughter. And now that the colder weather is here, the large table around which we sit now has a brasero beneath it to keep us all warm. This is a very common thing in Spain. The table is covered in a large heavy cloth which goes all the way down to the floor. The brasero which is an electric heater is placed beneath the table. Everyone gathers some of the table-cloth about their lap – or up to their necks if it’s really cold – and snuggles down nicely with the heat seeping upwards. In years gone by a brasero was a pan of coals, now generally considered too dangerous, and so this electric version is now very popular. Another great spanish tradition………and if feels a bit like we are all snuggled in a large warm bed.  I´m sure it helps with both the laughter and the creativity which happens there. So with art and my group, a nice full day today.

Hope you all have plenty to do too, and have fun.

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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