The art of changing your mind.

Breathe deep, smile big; get creative…..

Yesterday, as planned, I started on my new painting. The painting is taking shape nicely, much along the lines I had intended, and so far I am pleased. But while taking a look at it later in the day, I saw that what I had painted could and should lead to something extra in the painting …… extra element that seemed to me  would not only enhance the picture visually, but  give it more meaning too.

As it is, the painting is going well, and I love the mix of colours… what to do?  If I carry on with my original thoughts about what I want to paint, I will end up with a perfectly good painting.  Do I do that, or decide to follow the slightly different path that the painting seems to be asking for? Obviously if the painting is a portrait or a commission I´m limited to what changes I can make, but this painting is neither; its mine to create in any way I wish.

I have decided that I am going to follow the painting…… it develop and allow myself to paint along a slightly unknown path until the painting  declares itself complete. I am usually quite clear about what I am going to paint, and that is what I normally do; but for this painting I do feel led to follow a looser and maybe more creative path…….to relax and enjoy the actual journey of painting, as well as enjoying the results.

Of course, this can be rather more risky, especially if art is how you make your living. And while I am passionate about artists being able to earn enough to live on, I do think that from time to time a little experimenting its good for everyone. It’s good for me as an artist, because I can develop ideas  that aren´t always possible when I client wants a very particular type of painting. It’s also good for the customers too……..I will have an artwork to offer for sale, which hopefully will be meaningful to them too. A piece that suggested itself, and just took me along for the ride. I´m really looking forward to seeing how it will develop today.

It has now been raining for days, and due to the low light levels I have moved my easel out of the studio and into a room at the front of the house which has better access to what sun there is at this time of year. I´m enjoying my new spot because I can paint and watch the goings on in my street at the same time. My dog seems pretty happy about the temporary move too, for much the same reason. Not a car, person or animal has passed my house without his or my knowledge. Also the neighbours can get to see me painting, so they now have proof that I really do work, and not just hang out in my house all day like some super-hermit who only ventures out in the evening….

Actually, the recent flood I experienced acted like a mini marketing campaign for me……which was pretty much unexpected, to say the least. Whilst the storm was still in full force my neighbours all came to rescue my artworks and paints and these were stored in one of their homes. The lady who was storing them hung them all around her house, and her friends started calling by to take a look. With her friends calling , she found she  enjoyed the extra company and conversation, and I think this encouraged her to spread the word about her temporary gallery. Glasses of café were made, and she had lots of opportunity to chat and catch up . There are now few people in my area who  don´t know I paint, and most of them have  seen my work…….and all without paying for advertising. Thank you, dear neighbour.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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