Ok, back to art……

Painting, oil on canvas.

If time, as some physicists suggest, really is more of a flat elastic-mat affair than a straight line, then nothing helps to prove this theory more than a weekend. Instead of the normal progression of time, time seems to hunch itself into a tiny dot on any day off.  As if fun weighs heavily on the elastic mat, and causes your whole day to consist of a small lump of time held at the furthest stretch of the elastic, to be stepped over in a flash.

So here is Monday, which feels a little as if it has directly followed on from Thursday, which was the start of the long weekend.  I have a blank canvas in my studio which is now pulling me towards it, and I plan on making a start on my new painting today. It’s a strange and largely unknown (by me) process by which I arrive at the subject of my next painting. Sometimes I have had a picture in my head for a few days, and that is what I will paint. Other times, the subject seems to come to me almost at the point that I pick up a paintbrush. Without really understanding why, the concept of the painting arrives, and there is always something to paint.

I enjoy painting in silence, and only very rarely put on the radio while I am working. Part of the process seems to be the total immersion in the work in progress. It´s  definitely another example of elastic time; hours can and do pass by more or less unnoticed. And then, quite suddenly , the point arrives when I put down my brushes and finish for the day. This too, seems to be a completely automatic process and I never push myself to paint past this point; It simply does not work; creativity seems to enjoy the occasional break too.

The painting does continue to be done, in my head ; silently and often with great clarity, the idea and shape of the painting grows in my mind…..ready to be expressed the next time I am standing at the easel. I suspect this is a feeling that will be instantly recognised by all of you artists and craftspeople out there. Almost as if your creativity seeps into you from the very space around you. It would certainly help to explain why so many people find it hard to be creative in an unhappy or stressful place.

Hopefully, in a few days I will have the new painting up here to show you all. I usually take a photo of a new painting as soon as it´s completed. Once the paint is drier I take the second high-resolution photo which is good enough to print from. This is the one that is uploaded to my art for sale site ,  and it does have to be a very good photograph.

So, my plan for today; do a little online work, email and such. Have lunch, and then straight to my studio……..and it all sounds good to me.

Whatever  you are planning on doing today, I hope you too have fun……….even if it does shrink your time.

Judy xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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