It makes it all worth while


Today I am still feeling happy about the wonderful reception my new painting “waiting” received yesterday from it´s new owner.  “OMG love it, love it” is what she said, and what more can any artist ask for?

Painting something especially for  someone is always a bit risky, although in this case I chose the subject which was a well-loved dog. I have had commissions in the past where the client asks for “something cheerful” or a particular colour, and they often describe in great detail exactly what they want. The problem being, unless they actually bring a favorite photograph, its extraordinarily difficult to know for sure that what you think they want is actually what they had in mind.

So far I have been lucky , and my clients have enjoyed their new paintings. I think most artists will agree that commissions can be very difficult without a real life sitter or a photograph from which to work.  Your idea of something red and yellow and cheerful may not be the same as mine…..

So, with the new painting up and drying, and that lovely feeling of having bought someone else some pleasure, I am all set to start to think about my next piece.I have a few ideas in mind, but I will probably give it a little more thought before I begin. I can always use the time priming the canvas and generally getting organised.

I have put up a photo of “waiting” for you to see for yourselves.  This is my own photo, taken yesterday evening while the paint is still wet, and in not very good light. The “proper”   high-resolution  photo that will be needed for uploading to my art for sale site will be taken later when the paint is dry and the light conditions are better. Take a look at it once it’s up on the site – the link is in the bar at the top of this page – hope you enjoy it too.

The sun is shining now, after days of rain, so all seems set for an enjoyable day. This being Wednesday I have a very enjoyable few hours at my quilting group to look forward to as well. The spanish ladies practically shout through the whole two hours, but their work is stunning. I may see about getting some photos from them to put up here on my “quilt” section; they are a real inspiration.

Have a good day everyone…….hasta mañana.

Judy  xxx

About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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