Monday morning without the blues

The weekend seemed to fly by, and today I am definitely having a blues-free Monday morning. I had planned to spend the weekend on a new painting, and although it will need working on today too, it is well on  it´s way .  I´m rather  pleased with it too, although I haven´t yet gone into my studio to take another look at it. I do this deliberately,as I find if I leave a new painting unviewed for a while I am much more able to see any faults or areas that need attention. I was once advised to leave a new painting for a week before taking a second look at it. The idea being that you come to it in a more objective way. I have yet to try this out, but it is something I will do….and I´ll let you know if it really does make a difference to how a new piece is assessed. It´s possible that some of you are already doing this.

So Monday has arrived and I´m feeling satisfied that I did what I set out to do with my weekend. This coming weekend I have friends here, so art is not going to happen at all. This is why I always try to work whenever it is possible; it leaves me able to take time off knowing that I am still on track, and work is still progressing.

I have a few chores to do before painting today. The first being the cleaning of a small mountain of jars. I am quite lazy with keeping the turps changed and paint will settle at the bottom of the jar. Today I absolutely must sort this out or one swizzle of a paint brush will whisk up the turps into something resembling gravy. The brushes of course are clean. There is no doubt about it; if you want your brushes to last then each and every one of them must be cleaned properly after each session. I clean mine with turps followed by a wash with a little washing up liquid and squeeze them dry. I learned the hard way not to leave an expensive brush on its bristles overnight in a jar. It´s just not possible to paint with a brush with L shaped bristles…

I must order some new canvases too, and if any of you have a great source online, I´d be very interested. My regular place is getting more and more unreliable, so I´m looking for somewhere new. I can buy directly from an art shop in Málaga but it involves a long trip, so unless I´m going there for other things too , I prefer to order online. Plus that way, I don´t have to stagger home with huge canvases…which for me, living at the very end of a very steep road is a big bonus…

Enjoy your Monday, and I´ll see you here tomorrow.

Judy xxx


About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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