Saturday in the rain.

Rain, rain, rain…..

I may live in Spain, but a few weeks ago I was flooded. The entire house filled with mud and water to the very top. The local paper described me as “swimming” out of my house – which puts me in mind of a calm and genteel exit via breaststroke, taking care to keep my hair out of the water. Unfortunately the reality was somewhat more chaotic; at 6am, in pitch darkness, I flailed around disorientated by the  noise of the water and ended up completely submerged. Details are hazy but somehow I found myself being rescued by my wonderful spanish neighbours. They provided comfort, clean clothes, fantastic coffee and lots of hugs.

And they did more. With the storm still raging, and the house submerged and looking none too safe, the men went in to rescue all my art and equipment. In the end I lost only a few canvases. Shame the same can´t be said for electrical equipment especially my lovely camera, which died at the scene.

A bad thing, the flood, followed by a heart warming scene of help and support. A few days later friends came by and helped me clean the house , which is now looking more or less as it was before. Which brings me back to the subject of the rain. It´s raining again, normal rain this time, but raining nevertheless. I actually like the rain when it´s not trying to kill me. It’s an opportunity to close the door, put on a nice warm jumper and get some art done. Peace and art; two of my favorite things.

Today I´m starting a new piece. The canvas is up and primed. I will stare at it for a while, but I already have an idea of what I want to paint. I´m trying to work to a kind of schedule in that I start painting right after lunch, and then stop when I´m ready. Anything from a few hours to until late at night, depending upon my mood. Always I keep in mind that art comes in its own time, and I go with the flow.

So, enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are…..and if you´re planning on working as I am, have fun.


About judymorrisart

Independent artist working with oil on canvas. I live and work in Málaga, Andalucía in Southern Spain.
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2 Responses to Saturday in the rain.

  1. Bear says:

    Hey Judy, nice story and one that was repeated all over during the floods. Aren’t we lucky to live among such open and generous people? Like the blog, keep up the good work. Kenton

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